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SOOO GOOD, I love Sylas so much 馃槶馃槶馃槶

I loved it. I don't know why but the music really caught my ear, it was very atmospheric and not tiring to hear on repeat at all. Also, the art is beautiful. Also loved the characters, William in particular. I kept going back in his dialogue to hear that little sound effect of his whispers hahah

I feel like I could play a game of 20 hours just about these characters lol, a shame (for me) it was so short but SO impressive that it was done in such a short time


Omg you are the game developer that made Reverie?... I CANT BELIEVE I RECOGNIZED YOU BY THE ART STYLE....... even though it evolved a lot! I played it such a long time ago, when I was a preteen, and I still remember it today!! You wrote such an interesting game back then, so I am very eager to play this one :)

lmao the harvesting part was so fun. I'd love a sequel, if you're interested in making one, that is!! ..... perhaps... with, you know... the collector......

i believe in love again 

The dystopian atmosphere is amazing and I loved the graphics. Definitely the darkest game of battleship I've ever played

One of the most creative games I've ever played: from the art and animations, to the soundtrack, the puzzles and the storylines. The atmosphere is so immersive that it was impossible to get bored even for one second. Also, I've played a lot of games in pixel art but this one is in a completely different level of detail!!!! BRO ITS MAGESTIC

sooo cute, my day is 100% better <33

an update!! OH YEAH

SO GOOD, I love the mechanics

It's insane how immersive this is. An amazing interactive experience that was successful in freaking me out, nice game


The only bad thing about this game is sequel absence

Got both endings! I loved the game and Marie is adorable. I'm also very happy for the developers being brazilian, p谩tria amada 

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yes, a well-deserved bottle of wine

make lemonade! 

I loved it. Must've cut a hundred lemons, angel thing will get the juiciest lemonade of all time

The low speed of the camera, even after making it the highest possible on the menu, bothered me, but if it's intended for some reason please ignore this. The game is really great, the mix of 3d and 2d made it very visually original and interesting. Amazing art and atmosphere, indeed creepy

This made my halloween and it's not even halloween anymore

Already posted a comment, but I can't go without saying the character design is amazing!!!

I love everything about this and how it makes you feel, I kept tearing up all the time. It is a work of art, thank you for the experience <3

N茫o creio que estava rindo do site de declara莽茫o de amor e acabei assustada. Jogo descolado, muito imersivo

Fant谩stico. Muito bom ver essa hist贸ria de amor que todos acompanhamos por 4 anos durante todo o nosso atual governo retratada de forma t茫o fiel aos fatos. 5 estrelas

If you don't mind answering, how many endings are there? I've only managed to get three of them

Now I really wanna know how congee tastes like, it seems so nice. Really loved the art, btw

LMAO this is amazing

Could you make it possible to download the save file? I'd like to. Anyway, the game's story is amazing and incredibly well-written, I loved it so far <3

This is so cute, I loved my garden so much I want to cry

this game is too precious