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It doesn't do anything for me on Mac either, though when I connect a PS4 controller that "show buttons" option works.

I figured out through trial and error:

  • Esc = Pause / Close window
  • Tab = Conversation log
  • Q = Journal
  • R = Reset loop
  • T = Timeline
  • F = Fast forward
  • W/A/S/D or arrow keys = Move

I've tried and can't figure out how to romance Guildenstern nor unlock the "Responsibility for Indulgence" ending (the only ending in the book I don't have). I found a helpful set of hints on Steam, but their walkthrough for the ending always leads me to "Everyone for Myself." Can anyone help me out?


I saw this on Rock Paper Shotgun's Priceless Play roundup and cackled just at the title and screenshot. This is ART. Also, tip for other players, it is incredibly fulfilling to time your clicks to where the lyrics belong and click through in time with the "oh-whoa"s.

GLaDOS would like a word with you.

I got stuck here too. You have to click next to the > symbol to get the blinking text cursor before you can type in the Terminal.

I'm really glad I (finally) got around to playing this. Although I wasn't online at this time and never really got to the level of online-ness of Alex and her friends, a lot of the game was familiar to me. The Mac OS 9 nostalgia (we deserve it with the amount of MS-DOS nostalgia out there!); the fandom chats (in my case, the Percy Jackson fandom, with people who still talked like Alex and Sammy in 2014); the personalities (Jenni is strikingly similar to a friend of mine from a Carmen Sandiego forum); and - it has to be said - the parental abuse.

Honestly, seeing much of my own father and stepmother's behavior in Alex's dad kind of reminded me that yes, it was as bad as I remember it - if not worse - and yes, it really was abuse, looking from the outside in. Thank you to the creator(s) for that.

There are two things I wish were different with regards to the game controls. One is a volume control for the SFX as well as the music; the other is an option to disable the screen effects at the start of the game. I have a hard time seeing to read sometimes, and I didn't realize at first the option was there to calm down the visual distortion while chatting with John.

Thank you again to Victoria and her team for making this game.