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I purchased on steam to support.  Just thought you would like to know.  I did it there, because, I just don't fully trust this website.  It was a good choice to move to steam.  Are you putting your other games in Steam?

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Ok.  Was wondering because I read the game description.  It threw me off.  Thanks, and keep up the good work.  It could have been my dyslexia.  My bad.

Did you remove the penetration scenes from your Steam release?  If you did, why?

yes got them all.  I could tell.  But there would be spoilers, so I can't. 

House Chores community · Created a new topic Update?

When is the next update?  Been waiting for a long time.

I've done a few as well.

You are a master story teller.  And you actually care.  The "Summer-left rest out" seem to be only driven by money.  And their last update actually has more errors.  I'm not saying it is easy.  I know it has to be hard.  Much applause.  Applause for the other creators as well.  But you take it the extra mile.  Well done.


There have been a few creators that have had serious issues.  It can all end with the drop of a dime.  If you pardon the pun.

Is there a non Halloween version.  Can't get past the freddy one.

Please re-up.  dead link.  They removed it for some stupid reason.

House Chores community · Created a new topic Screen shot

Can you add a hide dialogue option, and the ability for screen shots?

The standard windows RAR Opener.

Tried both 64 bit. and 32 bit.  Both stop halfway., and that is it.