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Son Of Gragas

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This commercial is airing again and I'm having traumatic flashbacks

I'm hooked! Here's my first hour or so with my dumb face over it, the next section is recorded and I'll have it up soon!

Loved getting another peek into this world you guys are building! I just hope this isn't a level in the middle of the full game or I'll never see the parts after it :D

No bugs for my playthrough either! I only had a few suggestions, mainly (unfortunately) redoing most of the art at a higher resolution. Some things are hard to tell what they're even supposed to be (including an important story item which threw me for a loop).

I really like the story and the uneasy feeling that grows throughout the playthrough. Can't wait to see more from you guys!

Love the atmosphere! I somehow got lost towards the end and spent a lot of time trying to get through a different door so my playthrough is pretty long. I think I almost got stuck in some terrain while I was wandering but got out eventually.

I really like it though, it was one of those games where the game world stuck with me after I stopped playing. Can;t wait to see more from you!

I picked a few free games and this one was clearly the best one this time around. I finished the demo but I feel like I missed out on something because I never figured out what was up with the statue and the TV. It was also before the updates came out so I may have to play through again and try to get it. It's definitely got me interested in hearing the rest of the story!

(Starts at 6:10 in case the timestamp doesn't work)

I played a few of your free games as my first "developer highlights" to show how indie developers grow over the years up to their latest game. There was one that I liked even better than this one and there are still a bunch that I haven't gotten to yet!

Hey, I played this game for a video! I love the feel of it and I think it could definitely be extended into a full-length game. One thing I forgot to say in the video is changing the enter tomb key to something like E instead of Enter would let the player keep their hands in the same position which would be more comfortable in a longer version. Great work!

Same error with the binary and Windows quarantined the main exe for a Trojan.

This warmed my cold, cynical heart. I can't wait to see what the future has in store from you guys

I can't run it either. No message from the main app but going into the binaries and running it gives this-

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I think this is a great *start* to a game and great to get feedback on. I talked about a few basic things that could be improved in its current state and some broader design concepts if you were to keep working on this as an intro to a larger game. Keep on creating, I think you're on the right track!