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Son Of Gragas

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I played a few of your free games as my first "developer highlights" to show how indie developers grow over the years up to their latest game. There was one that I liked even better than this one and there are still a bunch that I haven't gotten to yet!

Hey, I played this game for a video! I love the feel of it and I think it could definitely be extended into a full-length game. One thing I forgot to say in the video is changing the enter tomb key to something like E instead of Enter would let the player keep their hands in the same position which would be more comfortable in a longer version. Great work!

Same error with the binary and Windows quarantined the main exe for a Trojan.

This warmed my cold, cynical heart. I can't wait to see what the future has in store from you guys

I can't run it either. No message from the main app but going into the binaries and running it gives this-

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I think this is a great *start* to a game and great to get feedback on. I talked about a few basic things that could be improved in its current state and some broader design concepts if you were to keep working on this as an intro to a larger game. Keep on creating, I think you're on the right track!