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Potential spoilers but I'm not sure if I reached the ending or if somthing glitched. (Entered the door in Lab X)

Such a neat game!

Can you please share with me?

Play it and find out :)

Liked this game a lot, also really liked the demo version (which I gave 5/5.) I liked the new areas of the house and the increased level of story. I also liked the audio effects, particularly the reversed speech. That's always a good creepy effect. I thought that the new version should have had fewer visual effects (flashing lights, shaky camera, etc.) These effects can be scary at first but they get annoying over time. Less is more.

A bug: The dresser with the lamp and telephone was supposed to have 2 photos but when I played there was only one. I had to watch a walkthrough to get through all the pictures because not all of them rendered for some reason.

Because of the exhausting flashing (I don't have seizures I just got really tired of the shaking) and the bug I'd have to say 3-3.5/5

Amazing game! Liked the Buddhist themes. Whole game was very pretty too.

I really liked this game. Enjoyed the atmosphere and the story that slowly took place. Suggestion: you don't need to explain everything. You don't need to two bits of text that explain the time slips or anything like that, it takes away from the narrative and pulls the curtain back where it shouldn't. (That is, show don't tell.) I appreciate that you don't use cheap jumpscares and that you slowly show who is who in this game.

Cool short game. I'm a slow reader so wish the opening screen was a bit longer but that's the only complaint.

Fun little game, I like the silent movie concept

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I was excited to play this game after I loved the creator's previous work. This game got off to a really good start. We have the protagonist and two of their friends and a solid backstory. Interface was good, art was cool (as with Corvaena's previous work.) I enjoyed playing it though it's quite a bit longer and lore-heavy than Dust of the Violet Crystals.

I liked this game. Kind of short, though. Others were really alarmed by it but I found it a bit predictable tbh. Didn't mean I didn't enjoy it though.

I think I got the endings but didn't read properly.

Yeah it's not like I couldn't figure out where to put them but that I didn't even know if it was supposed to move, I figured I'd done something wrong and caused a glitch.

Was able to start the game with some fiddling around. I really liked it; my only note is that there's a particular part when you have to pick something up and put it down somewhere else and it took me a super long time to figure out. I decided to watch a bit of someone's gameplay and finally figured out it wasn't a glitch and (thankfully) didn't start the entire game over. But when you pick up the things (avoiding spoilers) the cursor in the middle of the scree disappears so it looks like the game is stuck. That's my only real suggestion.

Liked this game a lot. I keep trying for different endings and get the same one, but I never keep track of all the choices.

Able to install but won't run. Have latest windows and have enough free space. Have an error message every time I try to start and can't download thru itch app. (unfortunately I can't take screenshots on my computer.)