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love the art, love the music, but don't like the personality of the mc. 

why was she so impulsive when seeing Faine? like, she ran after him while being in a crowd. gosh, running like that is so chaotic. dislike. then, she stumbled into a stranger but didn't even apologize to him. for me, that was an absolutely rude action. 

besides, reading her meaningless thoughts is irritating. i just feel she was so immature.

to sum up, I will come back to play this game again just for the music and artwork. 

OMG THIS GAME IS DEFINITELY IN MY FAVORITE LIST RIGHT NOW!!!! this is beyond my expectation. and i loveeeeeee it so much. the words, the story writing, the sexual tension, all of them are exceedingly brilliant. i don't know what I can say more, but I really enjoy this game. thank you for having created such an amazing story <333

man, i got the bad ending for the first time. i just wonder what is the true issue that xyx was encountering. and ye, what is the difference between those options and others? i cant understand...