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Simple but effective. 10/10 would die of jump scare again

Really enjoyed this i hope you do more

the ending got me i hate you lol 

Simple but effective. I hope you make something like this but for each kind of scp and have a series like that. I would donate for those things myself

I willl never eat ramen again!

Fun game, annoying to get going but i respect the effort. Cant wait to see games like this at its full power!

God this game give me the creeps. everything to make horror what it is. Love the dev name as well :D

gotta clap them alien cheeks 

Holy this got me a good bit XD.

Amazing story telling. I have a pet hamster and idk why it made me feel so sad. Even more since my old hamster passed away. 

Very interesting game i got surprised a few times but u know lol

Lol really interesting horror game

Honestly unique for sure. I hate spiders

games alot deeper than i thought. Nice job

Simple bur effective. I like that

Idk why this reminded me of a really messed up visual novel. I mention and showed a picture of the one i was thinking about in the beginning of the video

I really enjoyed this unique game. I love me some frogs XD

Holy this was another really amazing horror game i enjoyed. Really was a fun experience and kept me at the edge of my seat. Thank you so much 9/10

Honestly i love Garfield. This was amazing! I want more of this

This was my favorite game no cap. Everything i love in a game and something that made me actually want to read and know more. Alex truly if you see this watch the video. I Really enjoyed your work and if you want to ever talk deeply about it or a interview about the game that would be awesome!

Really enjoyed this. I did so many visual novels on my old youtube channel. So having this and it being horror related was a great experience. thank you high regards for sure a 9/10 this was great

I really enjoyed it. The fear of someone breaking in your home is no joke. That fear and that last part man gave me them spooks.

Normally dont care for games like this However this one surprised me with the fun i had. I would play again for sure

Really enjoyed this found footage horror. Felt like something i would watch on youtube. enjoyed it alot ;D

Great action, a great story that got me on the edge of my street and simple puzzle. I loved this. Please make something like this again and ill be all over it!

No thank you. I hope to donate to your next project like this!

I love this. Games like this is what i think are the best horror games. I honestly had no idea where this was going to go.  Great game 8/10

honestly this reminded me of oddworld abe's oddysee idk why lol XD great game

i know this is old.  However im a huge massive sonic fan. Ive been using the user name sonicxsam since i started using the internet as a kid. I own so many sonic products. hell i make sure to wear sonic products and my favorite sonic hat every video. I can say for certain this was a great experience in the dark times of sonic.  I hope sonic keeps going in great directions like it is doing now. Well done game legit had a great time

Unique idea is kinda a understatement lol. I hope you make something like this again since this is the kind of stuff i expect from horror well done!

This makes me want to play the steam game. Love it thank you :D

Unique game i wish i got around to playing animal crossing. I will add it to the list. But i enjoyed how off it made me feel 

I enjoyed this very simple and straight forward game. The jump scare was unique and i quite enjoyed the time. I look forward to your future work.

I remember game like this but you were a track runner. This was great the true horror games are here

I love the PT repeat of doing the same thing but it being different every time. I quite enjoyed this i hope you do something similar but on a higher lvl

All i gotta say is momma be thicc and i loved it

Lol truly amazing looking forward to buying the game when you put the full version <3

no worries. Let me know if you need help or would like to know more details. I made it clear in the video for sure but i dont expect you to go through all of that. (so let me know if you need a written explanation of what i experienced) Thank you once again for such a fun game

Honestly this was the most fun i think i had in a horror game in a while. Huge RESident evil 2 fan so with the more updated tank controls i felt just at home. I had a weird bug with the cat near the last 10 mins of the video. However due to the fun i had It didnt expect my experience but its a bug that good to know exist. *plus made the cat a super fun part of my video. Great relaxing time when i wasn't screaming lol"

Unique game for sure. Really great way to make people replay your game for sure