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That's where I went to grab it the first time. Unfortunately, nothing is listed from the dropdown menu.

And trying to download the game from a web-browser just shows the "Thank you for downloading" message without actually providing any download. I've downloaded at least two dozen games for this IGMC2018 and only two entries have had this issue for me so far. :(

I can't seem to download it - nothing downloads in web-browser and the client doesn't list any files to download or install either.

There doesn't seem to be any file to install and play the game, for some reason o.o

Is there a modifier key that I can hit to simply click-and-drag to resize the elements?

Also, is there a way to turn off that annoying element-delete when trying to change the numbers in the scale or position fields? It's so obnoxious to click a field, hit backspace to change a single number, and then your entire element gets deleted. Not to mention there is no undo button.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Please someone tell me there is an easier way to do this.