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I would def recommend using Youmu !! i love her

Yea I noticed that clicking would mess up sometimes, I don't know if it's a SFML thing or what :(((

this is 10000x improved over the last jam; this feels very good and challenging to play! good job!!


really liked this!

I'm glad you liked the game!

Yeah, the time travel takes some getting used to to be used effectively... I'm definitely thinking of adding to it/changing it in some way for future iterations to make it less hard. This ended up being more of a proof-of-concept I guess lol

And yea, I work fastest in javascript so I made it an HTML5 game and the easiest way to package that for windows that I could think of was nw.js lol

bring back easy mode

good game fun & challenging

I really like the concept!! Fun game :)

Good idea! If/when I ever come back to this concept I'll definitely see how this would play. I'm glad you liked the game!

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I'm glad you enjoyed the fight! It's my first time making this type of game so I'm glad it was at least challenging :)

The trick for the time travel in my experience was to stop it yourself in a spot where you felt safe instead of letting it run to the end (use it on your own terms). That being said, if I were to revisit this concept, I would probably alter it somehow to cut down on the rewinding-into-death, maybe give some invincibility frames after you're done rewinding since it does replace the bomb.

Thank you! :)

Sorry just saw this, the windows version it up! Let me know if it doesn't work for you

Try it in fullscreen! I'm uploading a windows version and will provide an alternate web version link since itch's embedded player seems to be weird :(

i like it a lot