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just got an email notification from itch that someone I follow -- you! -- posted about an upcoming game. After reading the description here, I can say oh my yes please! I'm very intrigued. I'll be finding room in my entertainment budget for this one for sure. Best wishes for a smooth release when the time comes!

idk, a FIFA dating sim dlc might make me interested in playing FIFA for the first time? but you're right that EA doesn't need any encouragement to make shifty money-grabs...

In the (unlikely?) event that the real life circumstances are happy ones, I am glad for you -- but if they are not-so-happy ones, best wishes for the coming year to be kinder to you. I really enjoyed the demo and look forward to more content for 'To Become a Tengu' whenever you are able to create and release it.

Congrats on your People's Choice award! It's well-deserved. You're in great company this year with the winners in the other categories too.

I hope any future wrecking balls to your life are the sort you want to have, and December is kind to you. Looking forward to seeing more snippets (or longer?) you want to share later!

Delays happen! I'm looking forward to getting to play the full game (and preview the first route(, but more than anything else I hope all is going as well as possible for y'all.

Looking forward to the full release when it's ready for us!

I played the demo of this a while back and am thrilled to see release day is on the horizon. Best wishes for a smooth launch!

I found a typo you can correct later if you want: "Huh? It's not really like Botan to approach me directy...?" should be "directly". 

1. Hard to answer because I like them all! Maybe Takano? I'm interested in learning about how he and the MC may have similar but very different problems.

2. PC, but I can also give it a go on Android if you want feedback on how it plays on a tablet.

3. This isn't quite what you asked, I liked how I first saw what the MC is like during her date with Nitori and then seeing the vision -- like someone else commented, she's really unlikable in the date but then later there was the OH, she's supposed to be Like That, it's part of the point. I thought that was good storytelling!

4. Absolutely!! I hope this gets turned into a full game, I really liked it!

Great demo! I love the concept and really liked the main character, and the other characters we meet feel well-developed too. The music fits the game quite well, and I hope you'll consider releasing a soundtrack alongside the full game at some point. Can't wait for the full game.

I love this -- I did Sabian's route first like almost everyone haha and then Wynn's. Excellent otome game 11/10 would recommend. I'm not sure which route I prefer. Sabian's more my own type (or maybe I'm just too old irl for boys with friend-groups that contain That One Jerk?) but they're both very well-written, and I love the epilogues too.

I did like the choice indicator option a lot, because I'm that person who uses a walkthrough to get all the fun endings for VNs and all the LIs I like.

I also really like the worldbuilding that we get to see! I'd love to play more games in this setting, if you're ever inspired to do more with it. And I will absolutely check out your other projects. I'm glad I found this one.

I did notice a couple of typos though. One on Sabian's route he says "responsability" but it should be "responsibility" And Wynn says "bird of pray" but it should be "bird of prey". In the epilogue, the MC says "a small peak" but it's "peek". In no way did they detract from my enjoyment, and I point them out only so you can fix them if you feel like it.

I got this in the Queer Games bundle and it's SUPER CUTE, thank you for this gem of a pet-raiser. No stress and adorable is just what I need right now.

I'm sorry long covid is happening to you. I hope you keep feeling better (and that treatments for it become available and are accessible to you). Don't chase the current release date if it's just not going to work out with what's going on with your body and life. (Plus, is it even really 2022 or are we still in 2020??? I'm not sure any more, because it's indeed been a trying time.)

AND!!! I love that chest hair! All of the new art you're showing here looks great! Major props to you and your artist.

This game looks really cute, and you're a great writer! I'm hesitant to offer this feedback, especially on a route you've finished writing, but in the early game scene where Adrian was giving the main character a free 10 minute session, I was really uncomfortable with the flirting. I think it's intended to show he's a guy who is cute to tease? But I just feel really bad about teasing -- especially sexually-toned -- somebody who is doing their job. It's the same kind of way I feel when I see someone hitting on a barista.

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I had this problem too with the Itch installer, but I think that's because this is a PDF and not something that installs as such. Downloading from a browser works fine -- that is, I can open the PDF and read it. And now I want to make a paladin...

(Probably I am 6 months too late to help you, but another person might find this info useful.)