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have u played fritz's route tho? delora is sO sweet

Someone let me know if and when this game releases :/

I await ur news, then :)))

Also, to the creators, do you have any concepts similar to this game coming soon? (I know you've only finished but I'm anxious haha)

Though I have yet to purchase it, I feel like I should say this here. After finishing (and surviving, I'm proud to say!) the demo, I had to stare at my screen in silence. With beautiful dialogue, characters, setting, story line, and magic, this was already the game of my dreams. 

After reading (too many) reviews, I'm definitely saving up but, to anyone who hasn't played the demo before, just the demo is worth the 20$. This game is a blessing :)))

this was beautiful. is there anywhere i can get the music, too?

Ohmygosh, thank you! <3

Hello! I just finished the demo and I am absolutely speechless. It was wonderful -- the art, the characters, the options, the story. Will the version be free?

I'm going to be too poor for my child XD

I' almost sad. I feel like I've been watching this game grow up. A happy parent, tho haha :)

Oh, no problem! Thanks for letting me know <3

Is Queen's Crown ever returning? If so, when and how much will it cost?

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I played this expecting it to be quite similar to the original demo and was quite pleased to find it varied in the best ways! Impressed, as usual! 

Question: How much will it cost, once published fully?

Yay! Wishing you the best <3

Ofc you are, you magical people, you! <3

Yay! Definitely looking forward to getting past the teasing! Also, do you have a goal for the release of the full game?

So glad that you've all stayed safe and healthy over this treacherous winter. Best of luck with finishing!

Atmosphere and thrill; amazing, grammar and writing; could be better. Overall, a good thriller to play when you're alone.

Angela, I love all your games from the art style to the story line and everything in between. This has to be in my top three because-- um, duh-- it's amazing, beautiful, AND mind boggling. I love you.... And help. <3

One of the best virtual novels I've played in a long time. Whereas most demos are either dis-interesting or too short, this demo is both long enough to entertain, entice, and excite and to make anxious about the next update. I strongly advise you play this multiple times. (And save a lot. Finally got past the assassins XD) 

A lovely game well-written, illustrated and crafted in general.

I only got the bad rod route! WTF??? How???