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I'm going to be too poor for my child XD

I' almost sad. I feel like I've been watching this game grow up. A happy parent, tho haha :)

Oh, no problem! Thanks for letting me know <3

Is Queen's Crown ever returning? If so, when and how much will it cost?

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I played this expecting it to be quite similar to the original demo and was quite pleased to find it varied in the best ways! Impressed, as usual! 

Question: How much will it cost, once published fully?

Yay! Wishing you the best <3

Ofc you are, you magical people, you! <3

Yay! Definitely looking forward to getting past the teasing! Also, do you have a goal for the release of the full game?

So glad that you've all stayed safe and healthy over this treacherous winter. Best of luck with finishing!

Atmosphere and thrill; amazing, grammar and writing; could be better. Overall, a good thriller to play when you're alone.

Angela, I love all your games from the art style to the story line and everything in between. This has to be in my top three because-- um, duh-- it's amazing, beautiful, AND mind boggling. I love you.... And help. <3

One of the best virtual novels I've played in a long time. Whereas most demos are either dis-interesting or too short, this demo is both long enough to entertain, entice, and excite and to make anxious about the next update. I strongly advise you play this multiple times. (And save a lot. Finally got past the assassins XD) 

A lovely game well-written, illustrated and crafted in general.

I only got the bad rod route! WTF??? How???