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thanks :) just changed it

Just gimme a shout out if you use any of my stuff so more people can use it :) 

hey thanks glad you like it :) 

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Glad you like it! Let me know what you think the pack needs and ill try add it :)

Hey thanks fof the plug :) ill def check it out!!

Thanks :)

Hey yeah I've added an extra chicken colour and some more animations hope you enjoy :)

Thanks for the heads up i've changed it :)

thanks :) glad you like it :) 

Hey thanks :) it means alot, im glad you like it so much :) 

cca friend

hey thanks im glad you like it, and there is a crop pack :) its called simple crop pack

Hope you like this one too :)

Hey thanks :) nothing to fancy just give me a shout out if you use then so i can get more interest :)

Hey thanks for the heads up. No wonder it had 0 downloads :) I've added a download file now. Its the same file for now but ill add updates to the download file more often than the preview in the future.

I think im starting to get addicted to making little plants lol

Good luck with the list it should be updated now :) thanks for the heads up :) alot of this licence stuff is pretty hard to understand without spending forever trying to break it down

thank ill change it :) 

i did :)  thanks so much :) i'm glad you like the style :) id love you see your game when its finished :) ill post links on the page as well so people can see it from the asset page :)

heres a few more:

 The Leafy Crop and The Strange Root :)

The Leafy Crop : while only the leaves are edible, the flower it sprouts can be used for teas and medicines when dried.

The Strange Root: Bitter when eaten raw, can be sliced and fried for a crispy treat.

hope you like them im having fun thinking up random plants :) 

What do you think of these :

the Sweet Berry Bush

and the Golden Ground Melon 

yeah ill add some :) what crops are you thinking? Corn, tomoato, lettuce ?

thanks glad you like it :)

thanks glad you like it :)

Yeah trying to get back into it

thats alot to tackle at once :) maybe ill do the wood, log and a river tile first.

Yeah i was thinking some crops, got any ideas? 

hey sorry i havnt been on in a few days had some stuff to sort out ill add you now :)

Hey, sorry i haven’t uploaded anything new in a while got sucked into some new games atm :) id def be interested in doing a jam with you :) we should organise a discord and have a brainstorm session or play a game together and talk ideas. 

As for that upload i love it ! nothing wrong with getting a silly idea and running with it. Just because its from a farm doesn’t mean its has to be a game about farming :)

oh wow lol yeah uploading the newest file now should be up :)

Thanks :)

Thanks, do you mean more frames of the egg hatching?

Glad you like it ill check it out :)

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Here you go what you think of the new colour palette

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This is really cool ill upload some changes i made to the pack so you can implement them :)

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

Thanks glad you like it :)

 Sure you can :) just credit my art and link me the game so i can play it when its done :) 

Yeah you sure can :) just credit me if you do. And link me so i can play :)