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Sonata Green

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This is a gorgeous game, the sex scenes (that I found) were hot, the level design is excellent, and the controls are a pleasure.

The only thing I was left wanting (aside from "moar pls") was the ability to take advantage of downed enemies the same way they can if they beat me. I don't know if that's something you want to do, thematically.

Thank you!

A hint: not all analyses are useful. You're supposed to think about what makes sense to try.

The main theme doesn't seem to have been included at all, but the core gameplay is satisfyingly strange. The "strange loot" takes the lolrandom angle; I'm somewhat reminded of robotfindskitten.

I wasn't able to get this game to play. Around the end of the loading progress bar, I get "Unexpected error occurred when running the game."

The gameplay is basically like flOw or the first stage of Spore, but it's fun and just the right amount of challenging and just the right length, and the sounds are good.