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Son of a Dead Meme

A member registered Jan 20, 2020

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press "q" to open a menu for more weapons when one is equipped, press "3" for one ruby (because Morshu was from the CDI game), press "m" to turn into a nightmare, press "v" to lock camera (or in other words make meme templates), and good luck finding out how to heal because I have no clue

wat da fak.

Birdemic: Shock and Terror: The Game

(not in a sense of it being horrible)

This is great,   even better for   a   game   jam .  I think   it would   be   great   if   you    made   a   full   version. 

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Ok from what I have played this is great, but there is a list of suggestions/glitches I would like to see inplamented/fixed

1. please optimise the game even at grafic level potato I was still lagging

2. have the grafical settings corospond/save to the tital screen

3. please add a option to disable VHS lines

4. I found a glitch were the screen did not synk with the cursor like when I hovered over quit it selected controls also when I selected grafics (because it was lagging) it selected play and to select grafics the coursor would have to be off screen and when I tried to go windowed it would flash to windowed and then back to fullscreen (only on the tital screen)

(edit: the coursor is de-synked at eney point that full screen is in use so you could make it posible to enter windowed mode on the tital screen to fix that problem.)

also it crashes with a "fatal error" when I hit the quit button while on the pause screen.

If you are able to fix these this would be better than SCP Unity, so please do, or not idk

Second line of text I mean come on man,

Huh, though siren head was made from a mummified corpse and the only non organic part of him was a metal pole and some sirens, Ohhh its from the Google play store now it all makes sense!

Did you mean to put this on the google play store or something?

this is more of a soundboard app than a simulator.

I  have not played this game yet, However this seems to be yet another version of the same game I've seen many variants of this game on mobile. I think the first version was a game called "Sonny The Madman" and I'm basing that of of how all of the other games that use the same textures meshes and levels all have short little blurbs at the end-level screen and sometimes just sometimes It mentions the player as "Sonny" because the mobile devs were just to lazy to change it. Not too sure if this applies to this game, but judging from the screen shots this game falls for all of the same pitfalls as the others.

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Would with out a second thought this would be on my list of top five games I've played, kinda wish you could keep the glowing skulls as melee weapons and pick up the swordmachine's sword. (possibly in a second boss fight to make it so you don't get two weapons in one fight.) Edit: the secret level made it so this game became the only game I know of that makes you feel like a badass one moment and then a scared child in a Walmart the next.

Is there a way to erase? other wise this is perfect

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From what I've seen this is the best "run-and-gun" game of this decade, If I was to describe this to someone else I would say its the perfect mix between Metal Slug and Contra. Can't wait for the full release.

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This is one of the best games I've played. However, for some reason 80% of the time I try to load the game it simply dosn't start up. Over all this is a great game. (Edit: before I was using it on Desktop, but I found out it consistantly works in downloads.)