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Missing Stars community · Created a new topic Release Day!

Hello everyone! We're super excited to release Missing Stars. Thank you so much for your support, and we hope you enjoy the game! 

Please note that this new version will definitely break pre-existing saves! There is new content and a few backend changes that make saves from the old version of Missing Stars incompatible.

If you find any bugs, typos, or general weirdness with the game, please be sure to report it here. We'll get to them ASAP and post appropriate patch notes when fixes are ready.

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Thank you! 

We plan on reaching out to the community after this upcoming release, so please stay tuned for more info on that.

Hey there,

We're sorry to hear that you're frustrated with our release schedule. Behind the scenes, Missing Stars has been through a lot of internal changes over the last decade of development. As a volunteer studio, we also get frustrated when we encounter setbacks or delays, but we do our best to make do with what we have. The recent COVID-19 pandemic saw most of us prioritizing our families and mental health, which definitely slowed us down a lot. This re-release is a means of getting our production back on track; we are confident in our ability to release more content much faster with the episodic release schedule.

We sincerely hope that you continue to follow the development of Missing Stars, as we believe that the continuation of the stories you enjoyed in Act One are more than worth it.

Act Two has been worked on, don't worry. However, the majority of the work has been our updated code and finishing some assets we didn't manage to make in time for our initial release. The pandemic also slowed us down as we all focused on our health and families. Thankfully 2023 has been a great year for us to get things back on track!

We are going to implement those features post-release.

The new version has some accesibility options, such as alternative fonts, removing screen shake, and displaying notifications when sounds/music is playing.

We plan to release the new version within Q4 of 2023. This version includes the accessibility options listed above, as well as new art, character moments, a music player, and a gallery viewer for the in-game CGs! 
The new version will be released here and on Steam!

Yes! We have a new version coming soon. We are in the process of doing our final QA pass to make sure everything is ready.

Join us on Discord if you want to get more updates!

That sounds interesting! Please contact us at so we can discuss details.

Hi! This game is still getting worked on! We're planning an update for Act One that will be released here and on Steam!

There are two endings! Thank you

We're working on a patch to pretty things up and correct all these errors :) Thanks!