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wow really cute, awesome game!

WOW this game is so catchy, love the system/power system! 5stars

great game! feels really polished

i just love the level design,  didnt need a text prompt to teach me everything!

great game! i love these face expressions, really cute haha :D

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really cool!, would be cool tobe able to  zoom the camera a bit out :D

really great game!

thank you!

wow the game feels really polished :D great job

wow im really touched....thank you

what is the goal in the game?

but i really like the game, especially the art,i like the "feel" of the game!

The game itself is good and i like it, but you may need work on your grammar :D

theres not enough feetback, on the buttons

great game! its super fun, like the music and visuals!

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yes o: you gove the standart unity tut a nice twist! i saw many copy cats on this side, but you did something on your own! :D 

hey great game, would love to see more lvls :D

hey great game, would love to see more lvls :D

Really great, had a blast with my classmate xD

wow really great idea, love it!

hey its really cool :D

coudnt beat it yet but i will continue trying XD

uhm i dont know what im doing wrong but the only thing i can manage to do is draw random colorfull dots xD

oh.. thank you xD its a really awesome game, love it x3

omg its  so much fun! love it! amazing work :D x3

i love the game, but one question, if have to hit 5 target, how can i go to the elevator, and if i hit only 4 target i cant do anything anymore

what you should do?

love the visuals :D great game, really liked it! ^///^

haha remberded me on the old pokemon games, there were lvls were you slide on ice xD
awesome job :D really like the game<3

wow this is so great and cute ^///^ awesome job :D

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i like the game, was a great challenge :D

wow its great :D gonna play with my classmates! really good job, and awesome for the first game u made o.o

great job! looks good

ah alright why delete comments? insecure much?

wow i love anything about this game, the music and the art xD <3 great job!