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Thank you! Und viel Erfolg. Egal wie lange es dauert :)

Hello there team,

I have recently been recommended to play your game because it is a well-known secret that I love Dorfromantik. So I tried it and got into the loop. I love the art style and the idea behind a lot! I can tell there is a lot of thinking behind the game, but I would like to adress some bugs I encountered and ask a few questions.

First, the bugs. One thing that irritates me is that the last tile when I am down to 1 is not playable. I don't see it, it cannot be placed. I would rather put this situation to 0 "You are out of tiles" or something. It happened quite a few times I thought I might have one more tile than I actually had.

The second bug is related to this. I managed to close a waterway with my last playable tile (so "2")  and theoretically got new cards, but I couldn't place them. They didn't appear on the rim, I just got the numbers.

And there is one tile that can only be played when there is already an open end and space to both sides. The "triple tile" is game over if you forgot to open another waterway after ending the last one, because it is impossible to place then. I would highly recommend to add a "discard" button or something. Or, if it is intended, maybe show a game over sign or something.

So, my questions: Are you planning on improving the game? Will the game be on Steam some day? Are you interested in talking about the development process or the Game Jam? What will your future projects be?

If you'd like to get in contact with me, please feel free to email me at (english or german). I am writing for a german online indie game magazine and always happy to discover little stories.

Greetings, Christina

Thank you for this soothing experience. This is my grave.

I can't save my score, is there a fix for that?

Otherwise great game, I laughed a lot while playing the first half hour!