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This looks really amazing, but unfortunately, I can only click two bugs (at the very start) before my browser stops being able to handle it.  Would love a downloadable version if that's in your plans.


  1. IT'S SO CUTE! Everything, from the sprites to the sound design to the flipping rocks, is just adorable.  I love it.  It feels cozy and sweet.
  2. I really appreciate that you can't accidentally hit the sheep.
  3. The variety of ways to get gems is very cool.
  4. Unlocking new plants, buildings, blueprints etc. is a fantastic incentive to explore.  Buying a new island tile feels like opening a Christmas present.
  5. The bunny monsters! I love that they don't just attack me on sight.  I can decide whether to fight them or not.


  • Please make it possible to rearrange factories as well as workbenches and ovens.  My factory layout always ends up so clunky and there's nothing I can do about it.
  • Fix the masonry table? I routinely get new blueprints for it, but "stone slab" is the only one that's ever on its list.
  • Auto-switch to the sword when attacking monsters.  I always get switched back to my scythe when I fight bunnies (because of all the bushes) which is quite irritating.
  • Ability to rearrange the pinned items.

Overall, really, 10/10.  This is my favourite game at the moment.  Progression is so satisfying and it's such an alluring little world.

I'm confused, is there anything after the white screen?

Is Wednesday the last day that's in this so far? No matter what I do I can't get past it.  It never ends.

Unfortunately it seems like the controls are broken.  I can move the sun and the fan, and the paintbrush seems to work -- but clicking with the clippers and shaver has absolutely no effect.  I've played this game before and I had no issues then, so I don't know what happened.

Overall a really fun experience! I love the little Easter egg of "Are you a boy or a girl?" with the option to just say "No." That was really nice 🏳️‍🌈

I wish you could interact with the NPCs more (most of them only say one line, and talking to the spiky guy after our training session makes him "say" an error message), and I found the menu system a bit clunky.  It would be nice if, say:

  • M key took me straight to the map
  • J key took me straight to the journal
  • T key took me straight to the "team" page

And so on.

I also wish that explored areas were mapped out in more detail.  I have a terrible sense of direction (even in video games) and I'm always getting turned around, even in the forests.  Starting out with a completed map would take a lot of the joy out of things, but if the ground you'd already covered was mapped out, I think that would make the experience more fun.  It would also be nice if I could rename my team members later on, rather than having just one chance. 

Does each species have a predetermined personality, or is that shaped by the tasks they do?

Can I cheer my Naisad/Cryad up???? I feel so bad for it :(

One final question: when the full version is done, where will we be able to find it?

Fortunately, they were there at the end!!

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So, I've seen the snail planet in a previous playthrough, but I haven't gotten near it in this one yet.

A child of two regular Earth bunbons has a snail shell anyway.  "Mystery Shell" also has a child who (while unrelated to the deer bunbon) got antlers.

I'm not complaining -- I actually think this is pretty cool -- but I'm curious whether this is technically supposed to happen or not.

EDIT: I've found something which I am complaining about! I'll pause the game and come back to one less bunbon, and the logs will say that that bunbon blasted off when I wasn't looking.  Which sucks.  I haven't found out yet if these bugged-out spacefarers are waiting for me on the end screen or not.

Okay, I KNOW there's a way to rotate buildings, but for the life of me I can't figure it out . . . please help???

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Absolutely adore it but I wish there was a downloadable version -- my browser keeps lagging out :(

Edit: I've finished the demo now!!!! It was truly the most enjoyable platformer I've ever played and I loved exploring the world.

(my sheep fell out of the cable car at the end and I felt very bad)

I was not expecting it to hit me in the emotions as hard as it did.

Especially the mother.  Ouch.

ahhhh I was so disappointed when I reached the core lmao, I wanted to keep playing!!

Do the critters ever stop being scared of you?? :(

I haven't gotten enough money yet to try buying the second apartment, but I'll let you know if it works when I do!

. . . I might've jinxed it.  There's still one plant stand where it seems like multiple plants just really want to be, and they move themselves there sometimes (upon saving, exiting, and coming back) after being placed elsewhere.

Well at the risk of jinxing it, I think the update might have sorted it out!!! I've saved, exited, and come back a couple times now, and all my plants are still there and in the spots where I left them :D :D

(I'm also loving the new rainbow pots)

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If I save my game (downloadable version), it saves the amount of money that I have but nothing else.  None of my plants, none of my art items.  They all disappear.

I don't know if others have had this same issue but it sucks :(

Edit: I've now had a couple successes with saving, exiting, and coming back . . . sort of.  Now my plants end up stacked on top of each other, all in the same spot, and all the other spots disappear.

I keep having just enough time to get into it before the game freezes and I have to refresh the page, losing all my progress :(

Absolutely adore this, can't wait for more levels so I can play with my sib :D

Absolutely loved this.  Deeply disappointed that there wasn't more!

Hey, is it just a random chance whether the pumpkins will grow or not? It's looked to me like only one will grow at a time, no matter how many you plant, which has really messed up my attempts to keep a sable moth! I thought I could save up some pumpkins to get through the days where there wasn't one to harvest, but it seems like they decay???

Absolutely love the game, by the way.  Best one I've played in ages.  My only other complaint is that I wish there was a box or something to store all the eggs I'm not using, 'cause they're getting in my way XD