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Such a fantastic dungeon! Straightforward, and loving the blood theme. This is making me want to try out the jam, too~

a must have for the mork borg holiday!

extremely fun to play around with. was actually giggling while trying it all out, extremely merry

loving your first jam submission!

i have no words. trying this out with my players ASAP. five fuckin stars

heads up! i think you meant to say "stormy night" rather than "stormy knight" on the second page there

Love this! Simplistic, straightforward, and tons of fun!

I know I shouldn't pick favorites, but I honestly do think this may be my favorite of the jam. The humor, the horror, the art, the mechanics, the fun, the holiday parallels, the general mork-borginess. This is a home run in each category, 5 stars.

I wonder how the light might affect PC's being able to talk with one another outside of and in encounters? I love how creepily quiet the event is

I'm in love with your art style, and the sarcasm dripping all throughout your writing. What an interesting concept for a class! It almost runs contrary to everything else the world in the game stands for, but I love it for that. A breath of fresh prophetic air in all the gloom and doom of the world

A remarkable first step into the Dying World. The lambs weep...

A very ominous creature that does a wondrous job of representing the Inquisition's callous cruelty, and a torturous weapon to match. Wonderful

Wowee wow wow. Is this your first time making something compatible for Mork Borg? I mean this is shockingly high quality and rich with detail, both in lore and gameplay. I look forward to subjecting my players to this hellish adventure

Someone had to

this looks amazing! cannot wait to try the adventure in my campaign

thanks for letting me know! using this for the next session we meet 

nice job keeping this with the style of rotblack sludge! can't wait to try this with my players soon

Can't wait to try this out with my players! Amazing work

I don't think I've said it nearly enough: I fucking love your art

love it! such clean, clear design!