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I've played a lot of games like this and this one is definitely the most difficult one I've played it was a lot of fun. Also here's the picture proving I beat the game

This is really impressive but it doesn't seem like there is much optimization for anything. Regardless of if I look away from everything or if the water and softbodies aren't doing anything the framerate always stays the same like its rendering and calculating physics for everything no matter whats going on.

I found a faster way to do level 3, if you jump at the platform and throw the sword in the air you can catch it and not need to get the second sword.

Yeah I did the level 4 skip, I also manages to get the skip to the end there without double jump after to get a time of about 5 seconds. I also found the first skip a lot easier if you jump in the air after running off so maybe that could help. 

I don't actually want any chocolate I was just doing this for fun.

I agree that that person is being excessively rude but I also think its really unlikely that Dani will play your game. You should just upload it and see what people think of it rather than trying to get a popular youtuber to play it before you upload it.

Nice, I beat every time but it was really difficult so still impressive

Pretty boring game, its just a completely normal office with nothing out of the ordinary. Also is there actually anything after the administrator or is that just the end of the game?

The graphics could be better, the tieling on the ground specifically is pretty bad and the trees look nice but the placement of them makes it look really obvious that they're only there to stop you from going out of bounds. aside from that and the camera movement being a bit to exaggerated during cutscenes its a pretty good demo but im curius why its 1gb given how short it is.

Im not sure if I did something wrong or not but the game seems almost unplayable with the amount bloom there is. I can barely see anything in the game because the light from the cube blocks out most of the screen

The game crashes whenever I hit the start button 

It's really short and considering it's about routines it would be nice if it repeated a bit more but aside from that its pretty good. It would also be nice if you could actually walk around slightly instead of being stuck in one place but that's a pretty minor thing.

I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to be doing in this game, the description says to escape but it never says that anywhere in the game, there's no explanation whatsoever as to what is happening and I found two notes that say the same thing and give one digit to a pin but there isn't anywhere to actually enter a pin or any other notes that give the rest of it.

The game looks like its good but I can move for some reason, it says to push the left stick to move but no matter what I do it doesnt do anything. I'm using the oculus quest with ALVR and I've never had an issue with this before so Im pretty sure its an issue with the game.

The graphics could be better but it was a fun little puzzle to try and get all of the coins without losing all your health

You cant move left so its pretty much imposible to play for more than a few seconds

This is just the exe, you need to include the files that are made with the exe or no one can play the game. 

The controls don't seem to work very well, the jumping works really inconsistently sometimes it wont jump at all and other times you can jump in the air. Also moving left and right it takes to long to start moving quickly and then you don't slow down so the controls feel really unresponsive.

I think it would be good if there was more difference between the levels or level names or something like that. I also found a bug that makes the game really easy, if you hold down w you float over everything

Yeah but then why have everything else in english? It just seems to make it more confusing. I obviously have no issue with people making games in languages other than english but I'm curious why everything else about it seems to suggest it would be in a different language than it actually is.

Why is it the Name of the game, files for the game, and the splash screen for the game are all in english, but the game itself isn't 

It's a pretty good game and replaying it to try and get a better time is fun, the enemies and the boss fight is a bit to easy but other than that it's a lot of fun

This game was a lot of fun, I wish there were more levels but the ones that are here are really good.

Ok I solved the puzzle and it looks like that's the end of the game for now, I did manage to glitch out of the house though and I'm pretty sure you could fix that by just using a cube for the walls instead of a plane.

I was kinda expecting a serious game but it's just really weird. Is there actually any game here or just the sort of weird void room with a distorted audio clip in the corner?

Yah the graphics for the game are really good and it's a fun short game

This all seems like pretty normal things you would expect a baby to do

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Probably a stupid question but how do you get out of the engine room? I'm pretty sure I found all the items but you need some of them from the engine room and I can't find a way to leave it.

Edit: never mind I found out you can click on the numbers to change what floor your on.

It's a pretty fun, but short game.  Are there any more levels planed in the future because the mechanics are a lot of fun and it would be great to see a longer game of this.

yes but it works a bit different because it's a separate device, this is designed to work with a phone like Google cardboard or Samsung gear, just because it can load the game doesn't mean it will work.

it's not an Oculus quest game it's an Android game.