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I got stuck in the wall


wow that was really cool!

or make it so once you get that upgrade all ascension upgrades are more expensive, or 1 more alternative is to make some upgrades that take like 5k points

good game, but for the ascension upgrade that makes it go from 25% reduce to 50% you might wanna make it like 30-35% bc the moment i got the upgrade i basically gained infinite ascension points seeing i make like 5 a second 


I'm still confused, from what I see I just click the side and it pops up that I can add them?

im an idiot, how do we have the new blocks get the in/outs circles?

is this imported from scratch?

the game doesn't save.

forgot to ask, but is this game on steam? if not you should put it on there, it could be a good way to get your name bigger.

wow that was really cool.

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suggestions: un-hold and un-halt all buttons (possibly get them from one of the starter main quests.)

magic upgrades should be toggle-able after you have 5 of them, maybe you could have to buy a magic upgrade to halt the magic upgrades of your choice.

make more games, this one is pretty fun, and you're defiantly going places if you continue down the game dev road.

change it so when you get to 1 mil instead of 1.08e or whatever just have 1m/1mil.


I feel that the new UI indicators should be optional, I liked the old one personally.

there a cheater console for cheaters?

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this game is pretty fun, ctrl+z button could be pretty useful tho

ok thanks

how we get morality points?

nvm just remembered I had the game running all night because I didn't have time to play and just shut my laptop.

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I just started the game and have all of the achievements on the first row and over 15mil health, probably  a bug you should fix.

can you make a version that isn't adobe flash seeing that this game is very highly rated and adobe flash is dead now.

ok thanks

for some reason when I try and buy the maglignant upgrades it says pending restart, can't figure out how to fix it.

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spoiler, your going to have to wait for a while longer, main factor is how many people you kill how fast you do once you hit like 1k homeless people. 


how do I enter the gate to heck?

what's the limit for the core of the earth thing if any (I'm asking when the madness will stop)

nvm it's bc I found it in randomizer

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same w/ laboratory tab

can't hit the 100% button that's behind the follow button, might need to move it and the 50%

pretty good, only thing that could make it better in my opinion is if you decided to make it so we could download it on laptop and not just play it in browser, or if after you hit 100 items you could use cheat-codes such as inf health or even no cooldown

for all the soft blocks, tis game needs a sidoku button (instant death button such as R)

after I reloaded it didn't change.

that was fast, ok thanks.

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idk if this has something to do with it, guess im downloading the game.

first level is bugged for me, im on windows, I'm pressing wasd im pressing arrow keys, im pressing z space and up arrow, nothing is happening. while I'm in full screen I don't think that's the problem because it still doesn't work when I decide to leave full screen.