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I discovered your game recently with the 4.1 build and then found out about this one. As some people pointed it out it is less "fun" but honestly still great.
I think the biggest issue is the fact that the AI is struggeling a lot, and thus it feels weird to overshoot your target while stalling at the same time lol. (The secret is to get your gears and flaps out for better low speed perf lol (maybe you should bind the flaps alone))
there are a few issues like the fact that you are not refueled when you land and rearm but thats not a big deal.

long rambling and calculations comming :

I wanted to point an other thing (hope it doesnt sound rude) :
I dont have experience flying the mig21 in dcs for example so i dont know how accurate the data is but it felt quite heavy and slow...
I tried to figure out why :
And I dicovered something  (i will try to explain) :
I was wondering if the scale and speed where on point :
I took some screen shots of the mig on the runway and with some quick mesures i found out that the runway is about 70 to 72 migs long.
The mig being 14.4m long the runway is about a 1km long (between 1008 and 1033m) nothing weird here...
But then i tried to time how long it took to cross the runway at a given speed and mesure it's lengt in an other way :
So at about mach1 (mostly above but the point is the same) it took between 4.15 and 4.2 seconds to cross it (this is the least accurate part but i found quite consistant times). mach 1 = 340 m/s so it should mean that the runway is about 1428 m long.

conclusion : there is a contradication.

Maybe its just the mig model and i am digging too deep inot this lol...
But maybe it will help you in some way :)

As some other people says the more realistic flight model dont need to be abandoned and neither the arcade one. maybe you ca keep both (saying that, it is probably doubling your work...) and make it an "option", but the AI in this model is probably the priority to make it more enjoyable. 

hope my english is not too bad...

thank you for your game and good luck !

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I just found out about your game and tbh it's really great, as a fan of war thunder and dcs i am drawn to this kind of content.
I encouterred some issues with the binding of controls, I have an AZERTY keyboard so the controls are quite unconfortable (even if the mouse aim helps).I tried to bind it in the launcher but without success, modifications dont seems to be taken into account...
Edit . you can switch to qwerty with Alt+Maj and it work with the game :).

I noticed a small bug that put the throttle back to 0 each time I pause the game.

thank you for your work and good luck for the developpemet of your game.