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is cool, but some times the balls are in the door waiting for you and they insta kill you, that got me a bit frustrated, a part from that, good mood and entertained gameplay

Thanks for your entry *^^

Good job, it was a bit bornig for the first part, because if you just keep taking more damagge, you can easily kill them, at lvl 20-something it started getting a bit challenging and more fun for me ^^

Thanks for your entry : )

I guess is mostly me beeing useless at videogames, but couldn't get passed the fire tunel, the eyes things where killing me all the time T.T i liked the idea, next time try to have a godmode to play around and explore the game without skill please : )

For my experience it does work fine and people gets envolved

I think that this entry alone should make up for this by being a complete despise of the conventional formailities of this game jam theme, media and presentation : p