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Your game was pretty good! I had a feeling it was the man with the green flannal.. I can't wait to see more work!

Your game took me for a runaround... Here I was thinking I was just taking fun photos, then BOOM! SECRET UNCOVERED AND I'M CLUELESS!! I loved this game a lot and I hope everyone else who plays it has as much fun as I did!

Jordi your games are something else man. I gushed over it in my video but I just have to say every time I play one of your titles I'm blown away. Your unique style and your method of storytelling are always spectacular, and I can't wait for your next release! 

I'm loving this series form you, Jeremy! Keep it up can't wait to play more! 

I'll check this out ASAP!

Pretty good game her! Definitely a depressing story, I'll be on the lookout for any new IP's you release!

I just want to say I'm really hoping to see a sick ARG come out of these games. Just played through your first one and enjoyed it a lot! Shorter than I expected, but still great! Can't wait to play Crisis at Call Center!

You have a nice little game here! I wish it was a little longer, but maybe you have more in-depth plans in the future ;)

I just played your game, HOLY SHIT. I didn't expect it to be two hours long, but it was definitely a pleasant surprise. I can't wait to see what more you make in the future! Love the style and the story was great! 

This game is pretty interesting! I'm excited to see when the full thing is released!

This game was great! I did encounter a couple of bugs with the wolves when running from them, but otherwise the atmosphere was amazing!

Game 2 in your Unsorted Horror Collection and I have to say I think I'm addicted to your short horror games xD

Just found this game the other day and gave it a try, I love the concept! I saw it used to be on Steam but couldn't find it which is unfortunate. But still an awesome game concept!! I hope you do more with this in the future :)

I just started playing your Unsorted Horrors collection! This game was great without a doubt, I had no idea drilling through a wall could be so scary!

I finally played this game of yours and MAN do I regret not playing it earlier! The atmosphere you created for this is top notch keep it up!

No problem! I figured out what you meant and gave it a watch! I'll be awaiting the next update on it!!

Awesome game! It was a good concept to play through. I would have liked to see more done with the figure standing in the second building! I feel like it could have been a pretty substantial part of the game :D

I'm very interested!!! What is it called?

Thank you for making this game! It was awesome!!! A couple glitches that I found but regardless great story :) Do you have plans of expanding this one? I think it'd be great if you did!

Awesome game! I liked the style, and the ambience while walking back home wasn't too bad! I think, if this is something you're thinking about, that this would make a great longer game! Thanks for the fun game :D

This is a pretty good Indie game! I'd love to see this extended or maybe branch out into something else, you're doing great! :D

This game is amazing and I love the concept. I can't wait to see when you release the full game! Gonna keep coming back here until you do :)