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This is super duper cute!!

This was such an interesting game, I liked the way the colors represented all the events that were going on. I really liked it!

I just realized I completely ignored the top part of the file where it said that already. sorry haha! thank you for letting me know anyway

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so I bought the Premium content and downloaded the premium code, but the things aren't showing up in the game. I'm somewhat technologically inept so I'm sure it's on me but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to put it in a certain folder or something? if someone could let me know what I'm doing wrong/not doing that'd be great.

unrelated, I really love the game so far!!

this was really emotional. I really enjoyed it and am glad it ended the way it did

super cool. I really like the idea of this game in general and, from what is playable, it seems really well done. I really look forward to seeing this game come together :) great work.

Oh man, so fucking good. I was really disappointed to have it end so quickly (purely because I was really enjoying myself) but I am really looking forward to the full game! The story is really interesting and different than most visual novel-type games I've seen. Great work :)

jfc sorry for commenting a million times but I was wondering how I donate? I might just be being stupid but I couldn't figure out how to do it lmao
I really enjoyed the game (+ the rewards from the tiers helps too)

PS I literally made this account to comment on this game lmao

this game is so funny and the different personalities of all the characters are interesting and definitely good to be delved into. (plus all the dudes are cute lmao)

can't wait for the full game to be out :)