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I stopped playing as soon as I realised that it was acctually probably a horror game...

So, I didn't really know how to download this at first and I can see that no one in the comments really know either. I think I found out though so I'm gonna try to tell you how to download it. so, it's simple. you don't. the only way to get it (from what I can tell) is on steam. the game is not free though. it costs 3,99€ on steam. that's at least from what I know so, I hope this helped someone at least. that's all   :)

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It's a great game and I really felt like trying to infest the whole city but I kinda feel like it needs something to acctually make it feel like you're doing some kind of progress becouse at one point I just gave up becouse I got bored since nothing really happend.
other then taht it's a great game and I would love to play it again some time in the future. btw I also really like how the vines looks. It's really cool.  :D

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I finally finished the game!
It took me a few hours, and a lot of rage, but I finally did it.
It's a really good game and I really appreciate the music in it.
I think it fits very well with the game and the whole concept of the game was really good.
I would love to see more games like this one in the future (but possibly with a little less rage).
the person that did the music is very talanted.
thanks so much for making such a great game.


this is a GREAT game and I would really reccomend it to pretty much everyone and I really would love to see more games like this!

Nice game even though it's so small.
I like it.