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Some Kek

A member registered Dec 10, 2021

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This game is pretty fun and the world is interesting and memorable. Everything is pretty rough beyond that.

Effort is clearly visible, but it's also noticeable that one person made the whole thing in a relatively short timespan. I know that it would not be sensible to demand more of this one-man-product, but I can see very much why people think of the price as being too high. Even in the indie market a product, no matter how ambitious, rises and falls with the amount of resources available. And even though miz himself put lots of effort in, games made by teams of 3 or more people just tend to have a lot more detail. So then having the price of a product that usually has much more, well, content while not delivering as much is not justified for many, even though it might seem like it for the dev. 

Creativity matters. 10/10

Resources matter also. 2/10

You could see it like this: While Fifa has a large team behind it, it's uninspired as hell so a huge price does not make sense. Wrought Flesh is like the opposite of that but it still results in the same outcome.

Conclusion: Lower the price even if it feels like it's worth more. But more importantly. Please keep going! Try to find people to collaborate with / hire! Grow your resources! Bonus points if you manage to do it without selling out to sponsors.

I'll gladly see what the future holds, if this potential is used well. Good luck Miz! 

I honestly look up to you.

You could tell him in a stream