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Thank ya!

Thank you!!!

Thank you for letting us know the issue and such useful information!!! We'll keep that in mind and work through it!! Thanks again!!

Thank you!

Thank you! :D

Thank ya! We're working on building her world :D!

Thank ya!! :D

Thank you!! :D

Thank you~:D

Thanks~would you please let us know which build did you play?

Oh, no! Which build did you play? Is it still happen after restarting the game?

Thank you vinnie. We'll do, for sure :)

:D ~

Thank you!!!

Thank you so much! (ಥ﹏ಥ)

Thank you! :D

Yeah, the basic idea was to tell a daily-life story~Np! We're working on making it better!! Thanks for your comment!

Thank you! :D

Thank you!

:D Working on it!

Did you try windows key + G? It works on my end. ><

Really cute piece! Love it!

Thank you so much~~:D

Thank you ~~~

Thank you~~ :D~

Thank you~:D

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Thanks for your suggestions!! Wow, what a great GPU~! Thanks for your testing data~

Hi folks, we are sorry  that the large file size and the compatibility issues might trouble your experience. As a tiny team, we cannot fix them very fast. BUT We are dealing with them! If you could leave us issues that you met would be super helpful! Thanks again for your support and understanding!

Thank you so much! The shoes might fall down to the ground●﹏●... We'll try to fix it~!

Thanks! Yeah, we found this format is better for communicate! Sorry for the confusion~

Ok~~have written on the task list~

Sure! Working on it now!

Yeah, we are actually planning to this~either start a new story or making it longer~

Thank you!! Yeah, we're trying to reduce the package size~!

Thank you! We are trying to reduce the package size~

Thank you so much!!!

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We changed it to comments. Hopefully, it could make you guys write stuff easily! However, it made Gumpy Milksop's post disappeared - -! Sorry for this issue. We really appreciate your kind comments!

Thank you so much!!! :D~