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Hey there! I'm up to releasing it, just looking for the best way to do so. The original RPG maker project has some bugs in it that makes it impossible to progress past a certain point, but just in the recent year, I think I have found solutions to these problems. Now it's really a question of when it is feasible to spend time on releasing these early games rather than the 3 projects I'm working on right now. Have a great day, thanks for contacting me.

Yeah, finally got around to it! Thanks!

Eldervale community · Created a new topic Feedback Thread

All feedback and bug reports are welcome!

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you enjoyed ! That's not so bad to be compared to :) I didn't make the character similar on purpose, it's just the green eyes, black hair and dresses with stylized design :)

Thank you for the detailed feedback, I'm happy you had fun ! Will work hard to improve the things you mentioned. :)

Thanks for trying it out ! I completely understand your frustration, it was my mistake - but most stuff have been fixed at this point, you played the original version (0.8.5) which still had those issues. If you try the new version you can quickly continue from where you left off.  I will work hard on making it better :)

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 My bad ! Meant to post this on here too : If you need to reset your progress, you can do it in the in-game settings with a button in the bottom right corner. Biggest regret is that you didn't find the handgun lying there :D. Glad you still had some fun, thanks for playing :)

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Hey there, thanks for the feedback :) Enemies can take less shots but then you should have less ammo. The puzzle is working as intended though ! It even has 2 ways you can figure it out (more details on your video). Have a great one.

Hey ! I'm glad you had some enjoyment from the demo and thank you for the feedback ! Fair point about the text, not having player marker on the map is deliberate, since it's not that huge and you can track your progress anyway (maybe it will change later). I'm sad that a lot of people had trouble with the flashlight, you can aim it with Mouse Right Click. The controls are in the main menu and in-game too, but I will add button prompts in next patch. Cheers.

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Thank you so much for all the comments and feedback ! It really means a lot :) To all the fun and entertaining people who made videos about the game : Maybe you'll remember the game, but the game will remember you in the full release, with a unique tribute :)

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When I saw your video I immediately went and checked. Sorry you ran into this issue ! Anyone having this problem, close notes in the basement by pressing "E" instead of clicking the button. If it does get stuck, stand in front of the stuck note, target it, and press "E" to open it again, then close it with pressing "E".     Update : Is fixed in 0.8.6. 

Linux and Mac versions are available ! Have fun :)

My bad ! Working on the Mac and Linux versions asap :)