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also not working for me. just does not let me take it.

i take it out of the suitcase, check my inventory, not there, check the suitcase, it tells me that it is in my inventory, and i cant do anything

this game reminds me of a mix of Legend of Lumina and Autodale

I love the game you should keep working on it. also remember, don't feed the freaks.

how do you make sword

this game reminds me a lot of pause to play

10/10 and I'm only on the second level

can't control it at all lightly touching a or d aims it almost 90 deg in a different direction

one problem: it says" error: failed to submit, try again" or whatever, and then you go and resubmit, same message, and then you go to the gallery and see it submitted multiple times.

9/10 pls fix

overall cool though

one minor complaint: swipe left aims left, and swipe right aims right, but swipe up aims down and swipe down aims up. why

I broke it

I'm not sure exactly what I did but I think I opened the laptop and then tried to move my character before it loaded

should add a skip intro button

cool game. wondering why there was so much stuff to walk past that i cant do anything with though

i think so. i can't do anything except restart

do the storage containers do anything other than delay the carts?

tying into the original comment, the door could maybe only open after the 1-6 ending. regardless, we need to see behind the door.




making another person flip the coin if tori isn't there

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This is such a fun game I've played it like 5+ times and it's still fun. I played it without even noticing it was an lgbtq game and while I don't care if a game has gay people and furries in it, it frustrates me that some people will play a game only because there's gay people in it and refuse to play a game otherwise. 

Anyways, you should add some more post-ending content: meeting god, seeing hell and watching lucifur and tori fight, playing the game after the portal scene while still in purrgatory (maybe even calling lucifur again to get another attempt: bonus points: tori being saved the first time allows tori to pick up the phone) 

yes natalie is so much more well developed than any of the other characters

yeah I realized what the passcode was for after unlocking the door, because 1234 is the first thing anyone would try. Anyways, that whole encounter was confusing. I had to play the game over again to realize that there was a puzzle at all. so.

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cool! should have a reset button/erase button. also different colors should be different heights. edit: they are different heights, I just screwed myself over at first.

more block types would be nice

should make lvl 4 simpler, I had no idea what was going on until I messed with things and managed to separate one of them.

either that or add a level between 3 and 4 that has some overlap, but in a way so that you can actually tell that things are overlapping.

should add a restart button

but a black box on a white door acts as a wall for black, instead of a path. not sure if this is intentional or not

nvm black pushes it.

but why does black now push it?

apparently a black box in a black-and-white zone acts as a wall for black?

update: up arrow doesn't work.

but space does

using arrow keys is an easy workaround to the ctrl-w problem.

there needs to be more of this. nesting boxes inside boxes inside boxes would be so fun. more levels plsplsplsplsplspls

can you make a version in english?

it seems interesting enough that i'm willing to google translate the game, but it would be nice to be able to play it without.

good game

i found circle and triangle and just brute-forced square

a more intuitive UI would be nice.

can there be a web version?


am I the only one who looked at the title and my first thought was this:

nvm I just realised what i did wrong. i just said 1234 and it worked, so i didn't need to hunt for the solution

I found sean on the fence once, but when I read the password, he was gone before I could talk to him.