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Alright! That worked. I put the entire zip folder in Desktop, then unzipped, then dragged only Game app outside the folder to Desktop. One minor error I immediately encountered while starting up the game was this however:

The menu showing New Shift / Continue showed for a few seconds then flickered to a black screen. But, I was able to simply reset the game and things are going smoothly so far.

Thanks for all your hard work and patience! Developing for Mac seems tricky for all the security and permissions stuff haha

Unfortunately, dragging the Game app to the Desktop did not help

Hello! I'm a macOS user and am coming across this error:

I assume the game is trying to make a directory at a location on my computer with read-only permissions. Is there a way to circumvent this? Thank you!

It is calming to play

This game is very beautiful and there is so much detail in everything

This was a very engaging murder mystery indie game, nice job. I agree with most of the comments below on the gameplay, soundtrack, and writing style.

great game!


I was 5 min into the game when I noticed that the game was submitted for 'yandere' game jam and thought Siren was sus as hell. And then when Siren brought up someone specific my opinion did a 180. nice twist

Awesome game! I sat down and couldn't stop playing until I got all 101 cats!


Wow. Really great. Reminds me of those CD games I used to play on my family computer 

Wow that was a dark ending. Nice game

Nice, thanks for update

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I just realized that the main characters are Red and Blue (dialogue text color)... and then they switch to Blue Red with the doppelgangers...interesting

Super fun!!!

Adding on to this for typo list, 1) after picking up the phone -> "deliver" 2) sparing the rat -> "peeks"

Great game! Love the characters and the designs of each floor. Many endings to explore and choices to make

Thank you! That worked. I forgot to put it in the Applications folder.

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I am playing on mac. I haven't been able to do either the Cake restart or the Doppelganger Coworker restart... Thank you for the help

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Hello, would like to request some help (possible spoilers)


I'm stuck on getting the scissors from the doppelgangers, it seems like I'm dying no matter how many times I talk to the coworker doppelganger first. Is there a correct sequence of dialogue before the "Push" option comes up?

Also, for each tip in the guide that has you "restart" the game, do you have to do it in the restart immediately after, or can you do it later. For example, I called the phone number and then died in that run. Do I need to go straight to Room 6 after 1 restart to pick up the phone or can I die again that next run and pick it up later?

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Great game. Love the atmosphere and art style. It almost reminds me of Your Turn to Die and many other good P&C horror games. [Spoiler: also the "shoving" the thing in the hole... the witch's house??? haha]

Since there are quite a lot of ways to die, I would recommend putting a manual save mechanism OR at least a way to skip text.

Hello, this is a nice little indie game with excellent pixel art. I enjoyed the True Ending and the dynamic between the 2 characters. Possible spoilers below.

I may have found some bugs:

1) Get True Ending > Continue from a save file right after I choose the second option in the branching choice > Choose to leave the house > get the True Ending without looking under the carpet???

2) 2 Alicias after the above sequence?

3) You are still able to select the Lighter when you are controlling Beaford and Alicia still says the same dialogue about already having searched the area.

drink the blood and smoke the weed


Softlocked... can't get out.

The download links are broken. Were the files taken down?

[Edit after having played more routes]: Here are some more thoughts with possible vague spoilers.

  • I love how certain characters will remember things from previous rounds. Wished that the game's narrative timeline was a bit longer; I know there would be a lot (29!) of characters to scale. Could open some room for developing episodic releases!
  • I thought Aspen's route was nice. His design reminds me of Ky from Guilty Gear 1 and Mikleo from Tales of Zestiria.
  • Pursued Eleni route again because :^) but also... what was that 3rd ending
  • Had to take shrooms to get on Arbor's route. That sure was somethin.
  • Old Dude consistently appears in the bathhouse every time I play LOL, but I have not pursued this strange person yet.

Thank you, I was able to get the game running. The text appears to float above and outside the dialog box on Mac.

Also, for some reason, I am unable to adjust the game volume (the interface won't let me slide the sliders in the settings page).

Great game! It was relatively short but engaging. The story is simple enough. I enjoyed the Tea Time events and various jumpscares. The final chase scenes are very The Witch's House-esque.

Possible bug notes: 

- My game suddenly freezes at the Credits screen, so I am unable to see the Extra Content after any of the endings. (Playing on Windows).

- When you choose the 3rd option in the last ending branch, you're still able to "talk" to the character in the empty tile and rechoose another ending.

- When you break open a certain wall on the first floor, enter the room, leave the room, and try to re-enter, it will not let you (there are two tile spaces facing the wall, but after you break both of them and leave twice it's a softlock).

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I read the comment below on the last chase scene, but I'm still not sure how to do it. I'm trying to unlock room 6 while John is chasing me but it won't let me.

Edit: Nvm LMAO I figured it out...

Having played around 40% of the routes, my impression is that this game has some interesting background lore and is great for replayability. Love the pixel portrait art and varied backgrounds. Music got a bit repetitive after a few rounds, but was nice for the most part. I like that you can choose to use they/them pronouns and the presence of a few nonbinary characters. 

Favorite routes were: Bugbear and Huxley.  On the other hand, my expectations were really... turned around in the Eleni/Sirius route... haha... 

Also, I think most of the routes I encountered turned out to be platonic (not necessarily a bad thing, just surprising). Although getting bro-zoned by Ivy hurt a little ;_; 

I'm surprised this game hasn't gotten more popular. I think I would refer to this game as SaintSpell for short when searching online for fan content/discussions.

getting an error: 

Error: Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded (see JavaScript console for details) This is a known issue in Safari and Webkit browsers. Please report this issue to Apple. 

I am using Google Chrome, what other browser should I use?

Amazing game! Has a lot of content. Thank you Lydia. I didn't know the creator is from Spain, very nice. 

------------------------- Potential Spoilers-------------------------

I might have found a minor bug in the English setting: Spanish text pops up even though I am playing the game in English for only this specific part. This happens after I beat the "who is the real culprit" puzzle.