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Great to see you back again! Good quality as usual.

So glad to hear you're still working on the game. Take your time to do it safely. I'm sure it'll be more than worth the wait!

This game keeps looking better with every update. Can't wait for the release!

Thanks for Clarifying! That'll make it much easier to understand.

This is a really good idea. It's nice to have a moment to catch your breath. One suggestion I have is also have a glowing area around the gramophone to show how far the safe zone extends out. Could help the player better plan there next move.

Thanks for the update. Hope you get to feeling better soon! If you need a break I'm sure the fans'll understand. Better to rest yourself than burnout. Good day and good luck!

Wooo! I've been waiting for this one! Gonna get it on Steam ASAP.

Always good to hear about the game. Step by step We're getting closer!

New boss fight? Can't wait to slay it!

This is an adorable game! Gonna keep an eye on this one. My only request is please let players customize their controls/key bindings. Thank you very much!

Melee needs a ton of rebalancing. I died so many times before I made it past the first bar. You need to be able to dodge enemies . Right now once a melee enemy get close enough they instantly hit you without you having a second to move away. Feels like you're forced tank through the damage. Other than that I think it has good potential to be a great game.

Hey any adding to the game makes it that much closer. Even if all you tell us is "added rooms" that tells us you're still working on it. Good news.

Step by step we're getting closer. Gets me really eager to play the full release!

Not upset really. Sometimes you gotta just take some "you time". Better for you to take a break and refresh than burn out grinding away at Zordak. It'll probably be better quality then.  Hope the side project goes well.

That's a bit of a relief. I know they're a style but I just get frustrated. This game you have is beautiful and I can't wait to see what's next!

This game looks fantastic. Love the atmosphere and style. Reminds me so much of "American Mcgee's Alice".  I'm not well suited to tank-controls but I can tell you put alot of love into this. Very eager to see more in the future. Hope you succeed!

The new Demo blows the old one out of the water! 

Better graphics and lighting. I love the new jumpsuit and power armor.

And the Boss Slither is so much improved. Good telegraphing on attacks, more time to react, and the bugs that you can kill for supplies is wonderful.

Now I'm even more excited for the full release. Definitely gonna try and buy this day 1.

Also I laughed at the lil metroid easter egg after you get the jump suit. Very cute :)

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Tl:dr Really fricken good game.

controls felt nice and smooth. The dash seems to fling me a bit farther than I was expecting but was easy to get used to. Might wanna tweak it or maybe not.

Sound was excellent. Guns sounded chunky and I like they have force behind 'em. Loved that enemies sounded unique and I could tell when they saw me, how many, and what types they were.

Map and graphic design were fantastic. I did get a little lost in the 2nd map trying to find the yellow door after I got the key. Found the arrow signs eventually. Might wanna think about adding a map to help navigate. Or it could just be me, I tend to get lost alot.

overall a really solid 8/10 pushing 9/10. Can't wait for more.

We support you good Devs! Stay strong fighting those liars.

gods be with ye.

Hello Marc. Thanks for the reply. It's reassuring to see a developer that responds to community questions. Happy to hear the game is still being worked on. Hope it goes well and I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Landfall community · Created a new topic Is the game dead?

The last update for the game says it was suppose to come out in December of 2018. It's July of 2019 right now and all I can find is a wallpaper download. Is the game dead or just delayed?