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Yes, they are in there now! Thank you!


I e-mailed you about this, but I'll leave a comment here as well. Does you premium collection comes with 32x32 assets? It's mentioned as new release at your account page. Thank you

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Oh! Thank you. I actually don't rightly know. Haven't used maker series for a while. I just saw some assets categorize those in A5. But as long as they are included, it works for me.

Wow, another fantastic looking set. I wonder, however, does the A5 "bonus" include those round-edges kind of wall tiles? Auto-tile walls can be a bit stiff-looking in a cave. Thank you!

Hi, so I went ahead and purchased it, but I don't think it comes with 32x32 files. I only got one download file with MV size files. (modern_int) Could you send me the 32x32 files ? Thank you.

Hi, does this have not 32x32 tiles? I saw on your site it does, but this page only lists MV/MZ. My engine of choice uses 32x32 grid, so... (I was the deleted comment below, just want to  rephrase.)

This is wonderful work! I'm not familiar with Python at all, but the examples you show remain very easy to understand like the original AGK. I wish TGC would really consider releasing something like this for Studio. AGK script lacks some more "modern" traits. I wouldn't mind an official DLC.

Some questions:

1.What is the difference between create_window and Application()?

2.We can use Python standard library?

3.What are the limitations of importing modules?

Thank you so much for your great work!