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omg so excited!!!! thank so much for all your hard work <3333

fantastic!! sounds awesome :D

sounds good! Im glad it seems you are doing well and i'm happy to wait as long as it takes, Brassica is absolutely fantastic but it doesn't take priority over your health and happiness <3

wonderful! please dont overwork yourself though take as much time as you need <3

i found out my grandpa died yesterday and i wasnt doing great but doing the new route is a perfect way to take my mind of everything, thank you

havent played yet but it looks awesome, sounds good!! :D


thanks for the updating! im trying nanowrimo this month but got a bad cold so struggling with that, it's very motivational to see what you are doing I get so inspired <3

i finished quill's route! I really enjoyed all the characters, thanks so much for all your hard work and definetly looking forward to Reuben but ofc no rush don't push yourself too hard <3

awesome thanks!!


<3 thank you :D

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*refreshes page with payment in hand* (Also, I'm writing a novel with the main LI being called Reuben, surprised and excited to see there will be one in this vn also!)

amazing! the demo was so cool and changeling is my favourite vn of all time, so excited to buy this

i am excited to play this, looks great!

oh my god this is the best thing ever

this seems helpful! thanks


I'm like 5 minutes in but this is already the most amazing VN i have ever played. thank you so much for making it! 

I got the there for you ending, I was really sad about sam but loved all the different characters, thanks for making this great game! <3

this is the best visual novel i have ever played <3

I am too :C It said failed, forbidden for me.