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this is obscenely good. the emotion is so immediate and raw it almost feels like you shouldn't be allowed to play it for fear of intruding on something. i want to bite into this game like a peach.

Tried switching to chrome and it worked perfectly, thank you!

Is anyone else just getting stuck on the loading screen? I've tried clearing my cache but that didn't seem to fix it.

Sorry for the silly question, but does anyone know how exactly you'd import the tileset into rpgmaker mv?

I played the game jam one a while back and I'm so happy to see this new version :3. The art for both Fog and Sea is so lovely it makes you feel like you are the ghost making this big decision, because you don't want to choose and stop looking at them, And now the song from the beginning is stuck in my head.

There's nothing I can say that could capture how weirdly mesmerizing this this game is or how long it sticks with you after you finish it. One of those things you'd give anything to learn more about the world it takes place in :3.

In love with absolutely all of these characters, but Mafowl is my new best friend. I'm going to get past this point and click section if it kills me.

I know I'm like 3 years late to this game but I'm completely obsessed with it. I would die for both these kids I need to take them to whatever the fuck the Alternian equivalent of a mcdonalds is.

Was it necessary to make Dualscar that hot? No. Am I glad they did it? Extremely.

Just played through what's avaliable and I love it so far :3! I tried joining a tier on the Sponsus page but it only comes up with "This user has not linked a stripe account to Sponsus, please ask them to do so!", anyone know a fix for that?

A lovely little game

Oh this is going to live inside my brain now.

Trying so hard to think of an intelligent comment about how good this game is but God... Paul... will never recover from how good it is to see bears in a dating sim :3

Oh I am so excited for the full game :33

God, I'd kill for a longer version of this game. Wonderful atmosphere :3.

It seems like a fun game, but I've played through a few times now and I can't figure out how to get any ending other than D.

Surprisingly good portrayal of mental health for such a short game. Check this one out :3

Obsessed with this

More fun than actual therapy!

I hope the worms are doing alright after I get eaten.

God. This works better at getting the point across than trying to explain it to somebody out loud.

Hey, thank you for making this. It means a lot to see other people talk about how frustrating the attitude towards Clint and fat people in general is <3.

This was my favourite game when I was younger, played it almost every day on gamefudge. I love reading everyone else's nostalgic comments <3 it's like a tiny microcommunity forming around this little dragon game.

This game really hits right now, it's been a weird time. Good luck to all of us.

I wish I'd found this game sooner.  There's something so heartbreaking about the fact wolves show up in each ending, even in the ones where you try to distance yourself from them: can't outrun yourself, huh? I love this.

Oh I'm so hyped for the rest of this game. It's really good to see all the different relationships Jay has and how they conflict or don't with his identity, and everyone feels like their own individual. It's gonna be great.

This is such a sweet game, but I'm stuck on the endings for Ms Leon and Mx DeMayo. Is there a guide or anything :3?

A genuinely beautiful and unique game. I loved every moment :3

Oh, I'd love to see more of this game.

I'd really like to play this game, but all I get is

Apologies! A fatal error has occurred. Aborting.

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I wish I had something coherent and poetic to say about this game, but it's now living permanently in the space I used to use for thinking. A huge win for the intersection between genderfluid furries and dad enjoyers. Can't recommend it enough :3

Thank you for making this.

Cried while playing AND after finishing all the endings. It's such an interesting concept for a game and it's executed wonderfully. I'm no longer the same person I was before playing this, I'm going to go insane thinking about what happened to them after the true ending. Play this game, it's worth it.

Well, this is going to live in the back of my mind for a long, long time.

this is such a sweet little game, i cant stop thinking about it :3