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I can't move on mac from starting position

I found the controls it is just very hidden

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I love the art style and I might use this game to introduce fighting games to my kids. I don't understand why attack+special is grab if there is already a grab button. Also if I could reprogram the buttons that would be helpful because in the keyboard it feels really tight ( I played with my friend they used the controller I used the keyboard. Additionally, if you auto block while standing still is op because you have to get close to grab and while moving forward you get super vulnerable but that might be because I'm bad so take that with a grain of salt. The AI needs some work but is overall pretty good.  Otherwise, it is really fun, and love the combos you can do.

Can you make this game avaible for mac os

I was wondering If you could make this game available for mac users because I would really like to play it

This is like a letter for help That I totally understand

This Game is absolulty amazing. Using the Tetris pieces as items was a great spin i have never seen. I have never played a game liked this but I enjoyed a lot.