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With HTML5 and external keyboard support for some mobile devices you can almost play STC on mobile, however the space key to continue is not a great option as Unity web games do not full screen properly most if not all of the time on iPad OS, and whenever you press space on a website, the game registers it, but the web browser scrolls down, and it is extremely hard to play when it scrolls down every time you do anything. I get around this by connecting my mouse to my iPad as well but not everyone has that option. If the continue button could be remapped or at least also accept the return key, that seems like a very simple way to at least partially implement mobile support, even if you can’t fully implement it, or don’t want to.

Try pressing the Windows button (or press Command + Space on Mac) and type in the game name, and open from there by double clicking.

Hey there! It seems you have made a common mistake in forgetting to read! If you go back to kindergarten for a day and come back to this page, you will see that just under the title (the name of a book, composition, or other artistic work, in this case, ‘A Day in The Life of a Slice of Bread’), you will see a convenient little notice that says ‘A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux.’ An iPhone or Android smartphone does not fall into this category, therefore, you can not play this game on a phone. If you do not understand, repeat step ‘go back to kindergarten,’ and try again. I hope this helped your situation!