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Hi! Did you ever find a team? If you are still looking for a team you could join us, we are making a 2D/3D animal crossing/puzzle-like game where you clean up a forest. 

I liked the art style it was childish and fun but the die was hard to control.

I liked the concept, it ran slow for me and I couldn't seem to bring up the menu to change the processing

I liked the music and the set design was quite cute.

Thanks for all your feedback, did you play the silly version? As the non-silly version fixed a lot of wall clipping and the dead zone was fixed too. Yes, I completely forgot to add background music but I did intend to add some originally... The shark itself was a puzzle that you could solve in 2 ways, by going through it or a special way around it.

You finished the game. The mirror to the right was just for the credits. Good job getting through everything, and yeah we hoped to find more time to add more types of interactions with more stuff and NPCs. Yeah with the dialogue there was a lot that can be improved there, some things were fixed in the non-silly version.

Well, I like the voice acting and atmosphere but I also could not get my ship to move. 

:D Fun though and quite silly. 

XD Thank you so much! Yeah it was a fun project.

There is more variety further along.

I added additional controls for this part btw so either up arrow or w works now.

That was not the end, just a different puzzle. There are a few more rooms past the shark if you can figure out how to either go around that room or find a way to have the shark not eat you.

Wow thanks for playing you almost finished the game! What did you not understand about the key press part? Did you not know what key or how often to press it?

He sure can eat.

This one made me laugh with that Game Over effect.

Fun concept

So bright and happy after nuclear war.

Interesting, could be built out into a bigger platformer.

The voice acting makes this game 100% a masterpiece.

Could easily go flying if you wish, can really drift if you want.

Was fun eating and collecting garbage, did get stuck at one point in those circle garbage police.

I liked the sound effects when collecting garbage.

Fun music, would be good to list controls on main page.

Need more garbage options.

Wish I had a little more time.

Easy to use to controls and easy to figure out how to win.

Controls were a little confusing but I figured it.

decent controls, easy to play.

Good controls, good music, good cat feet.

Good physics, easy to play.

Easy to play.

Simple and fast to play.

Some games have pay to win, others pay to live.

Get back to work before the factory explodes!

Well, that makes it more challenging haha.

Glad you liked it!

The dangers of fruit. Good art for the game btw.

Thought it was really fun, I like these types of speed cleaning games. I also liked the sound effects. 

I like the idea of flipping between garbage or not.