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Too many rocks

I know it's capped at 4096 but more often then not it breaks at the cap, I'm never quite sure when it will work. But I've really enjoyed this tool and wish I could see maybe a visual line on the tiny preview where it started the warping, and I wish I could adjust that after I've loaded the image. Anyway, super cool, thank you.

I'm on windows 10, and have 8 gb ram and run a SSD drive, uh, I'm using an nvidia geforce graphics card but I would not imagine these things changing anything though... I tried changing folders and changing the name of the file, I'm defaulted to admin so it should be able to write just fine but nothing. I get no errors, but also no file, I'm able to click save but I just don't end up with a pdf. My folder is always empty, I keep the folder on the desktop and I never seen able to get a pdf, I've tried putting it in other folders on the desktop.
I'm not sure if having photos or links on the card I'm trying to convert to pdf is the problem. 
It sounds like this feature should work though, so I don't really what else could be the problem. I could take screenshots or make a video if it helped?

1. I request making this FOSS or open source so others can continue to work on it when you get busy, this is excellent software. 

I don't want to see it not get updates. :<

Or maybe start a Pateron to help support development?

I know it's in progress but...
2. It would be nice if on the calendar if I clicked on the card shown on the date, it would jump to the card.
Also could be useful to write notes on the calendar or create a card from the calendar view  or connect it to google calendar.

2.5 Combining the time tracker with card tasks would be really cool, especially if it showed the total time spent on a card in the calendar.

3. Your card to PDF feature sounds really cool, but it's not working for me, if there was anyway to preview your pdf that would be cool too.

4. It would be cool if I could import an image into the sketcher, or change the background to like a grid or something.

5. I'm not exactly sure what jumbles are for, they seem to have a lot less features then regular cards. What does the "here" and "there" button do? They flash in and out when creating a jumble. Could you maybe have jumbles set up like cards so I can stick images and stuff in there, currently the only thing I can do is write down text, with images I could make a little dreamboard/moodboard/storyboard or something ;3

6. I agree above with allowing us more icons, or maybe going a step behind and allowing us to mod the theme or colors even though I love the current setup, I do enjoy fiddling with themes.

Anyway I wanted to thank you so much for creating this tool, it's beautiful, easy to use and has more features then I expected! Keep working on pretty please!

I'm able to open it, name,  and hit save and  it looks like it should export to the desktop but I don't seem able to find the file.

I just wanted to confirm that feature was working, I was hoping to write notes and add images to the card then export everything  to PDF and maybe save myself writing a report later.

I also must say I love the design and color scheme for this software.
This is like the ideal program, and I really hope you continue to work on it! If you can't find the time perhaps you could consider making it FOSS and letting others continue to build on it? If you start a Pateron to help support this I will gladly join and give a few bucks every month to help with development 

Did that discord server ever happen, if so how do I find it?

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Sorry, didn't notice the follow until this morning before work. Followed you back on twitter.

Still trying to get back to ya.

Hi, I'm hoping to work on art again so I'd be happy to join your jam. I have a few samples of things from here and there on my site. I need to get around to organzing it at some point but if you need an artist and can't find anyone I'm happy to help. Here are samples of my work

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I enjoyed the concept, good music and art. But I wish I could do to more with my extra rations!