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Great game, congratulations on the release. The artwork is amazing, keep up with the good work.

Vc joga e aprende e se emociona tudo ao mesmo tempo.

One of the most original TPS being made. I accompany the development on Twitter.
The game already is in an incredible shape, looking forward to seeing more in updates.

Recomendo demais pra quem curte um plataforma.
A arte é boa e as fases possuem desafios interessantes.
O Dininho  representa diversas coisas que eu gosto.

I love it, I see myself using it in a future project.
The most beautiful forest pack I've found.

Hi, I really liked the artistic choice of the game. I think I didn't do everything that is in the demo even more for fear of not having things and looking for something that doesn't exist. For example, I did not find where to use Home key E. Looking forward to the full game, good luck on the project.

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I couldn't find where to exit the game and the airship session I got stuck. I think after all the text, in a line that says something like I love the sound of my ship.

Still a wonderful experience, I'm really glad I played.

Do you have plans to add your custom Hitbox editor?

I liked the game and the art is amazing, still, I found some issues at least for me.

Some puzzles don't make sense like the one you give the cuckoo to the grave and receive a rose instead, I mean, there's nothing supernatural that shows up, the grave just spits a rose when you give a cuckoo, it broke the mood a little.

Another thing is when the character for the first time sees the past, it's like nothing strange is happening, she's used to this type of thing. She never shows fear or curiosity, It just happens like everything else in life.

In the end, for some reason, even never letting go the key to move left I got a game over screen and when the demo reaches the conclusion It just cut to the start screen, It was so sudden I didn't realize the demo was ended and It was not a bug.

Maybe it's that I usually overthink about stuff...

I really liked the game, looking forward to the full version

The ending was surprising, I was really worried to confront her. The fear of rejection was too much. Nice experience btw.

I spend half hour on this without thinking about, it's addicting xDD

I killed a lot of slimes, really neat concept.

Lol, these anachronisms are the best.

You need to be a pro in reaction time, but I enjoyed a lot.

The controls feel a bit strange. I liked the graphics, very nice.

I'm late for a few minutes, Gamemaker corrupted my files and I needed to copy all over again to a new project, that's a bummer ):

Really nice game, bring me memories of the mini games from Side Pocket from the Snes.