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The 1-bit artstyle was especially impressive !! Super cute and I loved walking around and exploring the ship! The attention to detail and changed dialogue with the Medbot was lovely ! Excellent work !!!!!!!!!!! 

Gorgeous voxel art as always! The dialogue and pacing was really lovely! Being introduced to the characters and slowly piecing together the mystery was really fun and immersive! Excited to play more and get all the endings !!!!!!

Excellent excellent excellent !!!!!! The music was phenomenal and really set the mood ! Excellent loop as well, I found it very captivating! The gameplay mechanics were smooth and polished, having a mix of top-down and platformer was really cool and reminded me of Oracle of Seasons/Ages, my fave Zelda games. Loved the puzzle aspect! I found it difficult BUT fair ! It was fun figuring it out and finally reaching the Big Boss! Wonderful art and palette too !!!!! 100000000000/100000000000000

Excellent job ! The sensor indicator and the UI is especially impressive but the entire game is truly wonderful !! The controls feel smooth and the gameplay is super fun !! Awesome job !!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 

Wonderful work !! I love your twist on the theme and on the classic Snake game! I also didn't notice any bugs or anything like that, everything felt responsive and polished !! Day/night cycle when ?????

Thank you so much for playing and for leaving a lovely comment !!!!!!!!!

ayo LORE?!?!?

tysm for playing !!! and ty for the in depth comment !! #TEAMBAATS LMFAOOOOOO

tytyty !!!!!!!

Tysm for playing and for leaving such a lovely comment !!!!!!1

tysm !! thank you for playing and for leaving a lovely comment!! :D 

Sorry for the late reply !! Thank you so much !! I appreciate you playing and leaving such a lovely comment ! :)))

The controls are listed in the description :3c

Wow !!! This is such an amazing game!!

Firstly, the pixel art is phenomenal. The animation for the cat is so smooth and really cute. The palette and background art really sets the mood for the entire game. Love the animations for the enemies, excellent !!

Secondly, the music is amazing! Calming enough so that it's ambience but also enticing and exciting to get to the next area and listen to the next song! Great SFX as well, really clean and polished!

Thirdly, the controls were REALLY polished. The jumping felt perfect and I knew exactly where I was going to land. Everything was so smooth and polished, this doesn't feel like a gamejam game, it feels like something I bought off of Steam :3c 

Excellent work team !!!!!!!

BAHAHAHHAA the illusion of choice........... LOL 

Thank you for playing !! GBStudio's point and click was actually really nice to use, I'd definitely recommend it ! Thank you for playing !!

Ty !! The famitracker was difficult to use but I'm glad it came out nicely!

Thank you!!!

Thank you so much for the kind words and thank you for playing !!!

The mood, lighting and gorgeous pixel art REALLY sets the vibe. Absolutely stunning !!!!!! Fantastic work, I'm so excited to see more from you !!!!!

WOW !!!!!!! Fantastic work as always. You obviously put in SO much work into this. Absolutely amazing. Please keep working on this, or at least keep doing gamedev. The world NEEDS to see your work !!

Wowowowowowoowow !!!!!!!!!! The tileset is SO charming, I really love the design of the main character and the skeletons! Nice, smooth controls, excellent work !! Excited to see more !!

This is stunning !! I was a little lost at first, just because I've never really played strategy games like this, but once I got the groove of it, I really, really enjoyed it! Excellent work, beautifully polished. Stunning!

BUSH !!! Your character is SO CUTE !! Fantastic design, the enemies are so cute and charming and I want to see more ! Immediately !!

This is SUCH a huge game !!!!!! You added in so many levels, mechanics, features and then even secrets??? All by yourself??? Amazing. Great work with this, very excited to see any and all future projects from you!!!

The pixel art is absolutely stunning. Literally unlike anything I've ever seen. I am BEGGING, PLEADING yall to continue this project................ The world will forever be changed when they see this.

Thank you for playing !!

I agree, the controls are VERY retro and we ran into issues with having the "Interact" button the same as the "Jump" button. Unfortunately, this is a limitation in GB Studio and we couldn't change it ;( However! With this experience, we feel confident to work with stronger, more powerful engines where we can have more control over the... controls LOL

Thank you for the feedback and thank you for taking the time to play! :D 

They CARRIED the game!! I gotta say, they did a stellar job! (I think they're lying about it being their first jam 🤨). Thank you for playing and for your kind words !!

Thank you  so much for the kind words !!!! Me, Jada and Sam will be participating in DaringJam, just for you ;3c 

Thank you for the FishMoley score, means a lot !! Ty for playing and for your kind words!!

Tysm !!! Thank you for playing and for leaving such kind words !! :D 

ty for playing and for the kind words !!!!!

Tysm for playing and ty for the wonderful feedback and lengthy review !!! I was worried that the different palette for the sprites / interactables would stand out TOO much but obviously not ! Ty !!!!!!!!

um, spoilers ?????? hello????? Ty for playing <3 Glad you enjoyed him dying LOL

TYSM MART !!!!! Ty for playing !!

Thank you so much for playing and for the kind words !!! Glad you enjoyed it!!! <3 

Very useful, thank you!

Thanks so much for making these useful tools for Aseprite, they're wonderful!

Thank you so much for playing and for the kind words!!!

Thank you so much for the kind words!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Wow!! This game is huge!! You fit so many mechanics into this game in such a short amount of time! I'm beyond impressed with your coding, this is absolutely fantastic. You implemented a lot of variables to keep things mixed up (Like making it so the wizards don't attack you after getting the triforce). Well done!!!

The kitty main character is so cute!!!! I love the yo-yo weapon as well! The pixel art was really gorgeous, it gave the "heaven" area a soft and peaceful vibe. Awesome work with the sprite animations too!!! Lovely music, sfx and voice acting, crisp and clean!! I'm excited for more Zeralith games !!!

Fantastic work!!! The palette is really aesthetically pleasing and I'm always happy to beat up some capitalist pigs >:3c Lovely map design and concept!! Excited to see more JKS games in the future!!!!