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Ahoy developers! It looks like you've got your Steam integration configured for "Mandatory", which means that people who got a copy of your game through the Racial Justice Bundle can't actually play it. You should probably fix that if you want to remain in the bundle.

Here's what the console logs look like if I try to run it (with wine) in an environment without steam (to be clear, in my case, the game doesn't launch at all):

$ wine ambidangerous.exe steamfile:Z:\tmp\ambi/steam_appid.txt
Steam being initialised with appId 1077420
Steam - SteamAPI_RestartAppIfNecessary
Steam - Steamworks_InitCEGLibrary
Steam - SteamAPI_InitSafe
SteamAPI_InitSafe() failed
SteamInit failed: Steam must be running to play this game (SteamAPI_InitSafe() failed)
Steam restarting via client
Attempting to set gamepadcount to 0
Not shutting down steam as it is not initialised
minFPS, maxFPS, avgFPS
30, 30, 30
minFPS, maxFPS, avgFPS
30, 30, 30

I'm kinda sad that the rest of hatgirl's movement repertoire didn't make the cut. Double jumping, wall jumping, and diving really made the movement in A Hat In Time feel unique. As is, this feels like a (really well done) generic 2D platformer with a hookshot mechanic, that has A Hat In Time theming applied to it through dressed-up signs.

The side of the obelisk puzzle's platform is climbable:

The savefiles are stored in  ~/.config/unity3d/Denki/Autonauts on linux

I'm not partaking of the compo (and don't have an LD account), so I figured I'd leave my comment/bug report here:

This is pretty slick, I definitely like this mechanic, and don't think I've anything quite like it before.

The weapon breaking/cooldown mechanic is a little confusing, it doesn't always happen and I'm not quite sure what the conditions to trigger it are. Is it something to do with the colors of the enemies and the weapon?

When you manage to get a bag or three, the bulk of that lane's discovery section drops down past the bottom of the screen which makes it kind of tricky to deal with monsters, or use items, that happen to have fallen in. 

This was great. Thanks for stealing those hours from me :P

I think I've got a bug report for you though: It's possible to complete the left-hand side without getting the item in that section. Which confused me pretty thoroughly when trying to get through the room with the three switches. The issue is that it's possible 1) to push things by using inside corners to get an angle on them and 2) to stand on the edges of tiles that are occupied by pushable objects. I used 2 to get through the item-gating room (by getting on the bottom edge of the floating platform and pushing the block up) and I used both to get through the puzzle just afterwards (the last boulder-push required jumping over the gap and *into* the boulder making sure to push it before I could fall)