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I saw the poll of everyone ranking their favorites and I'm quite surprised this one was so high up. Easily my least favorite of the bunch. It's more annoying than scary, having to memorize the locations of the shards of the artifact and go diving because your air supply is so limited all the while being chased by an invincible mouth that I can't do anything about.

I guess it has a nice atmosphere but it was on par with Hold the Phone for sheer annoyingness

I know this is a necro but Paragon and Bulletstorm were great

It feels like your character is sliding around on ice, especially when you're turning and the fact that pigs can charge you from beyond the screen where you can't even see them is extremely annoying but otherwise it's incredibly fun for something made in a month.

More snappy movement and being able to see just enough to mitigate the issue of unseen charging pugs would have made it better though.

Don't give up! It took 50 fucking minutes for me but it was all worth it to lewd the dragon

Are you baiting?

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News flash darling, the existence of genders other than biological ones is an opinion, not fact. In fact, it's only a prevalent opinion in the west so you would do well to shut up about it online where people from different cultures and backgrounds are together. Referring to her as "she" is not an insult and she and you both should have no problems with me or anyone else doing so as longs as it's not meant as  an insult and no derogatory terms like "tranny" are used. Try to be more accepting of opinions different from yours.

"There were clearly, obviously, mind-numbingly obviously factors besides their personal relationship."

Yes indeed, there were other factors. Factors she was aware of while doxing Alec. Who the fuck would dox a person who was receiving therapy after agreeing to bury the hatchet? She knows better, considering she had her own bout of depression. But NOOOOOOO she just had to go and do it.

"Who cares about the chat, Zoe got shat on by the whole damn internet for years."

You should care because it's a statement she made up. A piece of evidence to the claim that she's a pathological liar. It's not the only piece of evidence either so don't go accusing me of drawing ridiculous conclusions yet.

"You can't in good faith minimize the harrassment against Zoe while overblowing the harrassment against Alec"

(I'm not being sarcastic) I do sincerely apologize if it seems like I was minimizing the harassment against Zoe Quinn. All I'm saying is that she lied about harassment that didn't actually happen. Why would she do that if there was real evidence she could use? Think about it. And I'm not overblowing the harassment against Alec. The results kind of show that there was harassment , don't they?

"pick a fucking position. Harrassment is either bad and deadly or it's not."

I have picked a position, didn't I make it clear enough? It is fatal to most people especially people with mental issues like a certain game developer for Night in the Woods... 

"their personal involvement in a private issue"

I don't even understand why you said this. It became a public issue the instant Zoe Quinn doxed him and people started attacking Alec

"It's not our job to decide if someone is guilty"

Funnily enough, the large majority of the people on twitter who you seem to share many views with usually disagree on this. They'll just murder anyone who gets accused of rape as long as the accuser is a woman.

"If you'd rather not engage with their work or see them as a good person, that's your prerogative, but you keep it to your damn self."

Why should I? We all have the right to free speech including you and me and i have no reason to be silent about my thoughts. This is all speculation here, but you sound like an someone who has definitely spoken out against a certain US president before. I'm not saying you're wrong to do so but that would be kind of hypocritical of you if you have said things negative things about him, wouldn't it? If you have never done that then ignore that.

"Throwing around bullshit like "pathological liar" just makes you full of ableist nonsense."

Right. Now I'll justify why I called here a pathological liar.


1. The obvious one, lying about burying the hatchet with Alec.

2. Zoe once  claimed she had been had her nudes released by a vengeful ex. (Eron) This wasn't true and her photos from a pornographic shoot had just surfaced.

3. Zoe once was a part of an group that made an "anti-harassment organization" that just turned out to be a group meant to harass people she considered enemies which was leaked by one of the other creators of the group. Ian Miles Cheong.

4. She claimed she was being "harassed" by people on a forum known as Wizardchan. She posted a 4chan-stye thread with two replies and the rest cropped out. Why? Why not show the other posts? Why only use two replies to represent the evil people there? Anyway the thing is that it's a relatively unknown website and the three incels there were just discussing her game amongst themselves. She only realized they were talking about her after someone from CWCwiki messaged her to troll the wizardchan users. That's definitely not harassment, just a couple incels being incels. If you do consider it harassment, then pretty much every developer of games ever discussed on forums have been "harassed."

6. She also claimed she had been "raided" by them at the time. No actual evidence was shown and she curiously left it out after mentioning it once during her initial tweet spree. 

8. Also a part of this original spree was her claims that she had been e-mailed by them. No evidence was shown and it was never mentioned again.

7. She once claimed that "my work was obscure enough that people could score serious hipster points by referencing it." Weird, considering her friends over at Kotaku, Destructoid, The Guardian and Rock, Paper Shotgun made plenty of biased articles covering her and her games, enough to be relatively known at the time.

8. She claimed to a photographer that the photographer would have enough space to reside in and shoot in her home. According to the photographer, "I had been assured I could over night with them, and that they had room to accommodate a guest, and room to shoot in. They had neither."

9. Lied about having been shown "mutilated vagina pictures" by said photographer.

10. Her famous kickstarter scam.

As you can see by her repeated lies over the years, she is in fact a pathological liar or a liar at the very least as I have proven by displaying her lies above. There are plenty more things in my sources which I couldn't be bothered to type but which I recommend you go look at.

Maybe you should research more before accusing people of being "full of ableist nonesense." But that's just me. Hopefully I have changed your opinion of me and of Zoe Quinn and the person she really is. Have a nice day.

Some of the sources used (which I again, highly recommend you to read):





There's a file called FFFLOOD_README. All the things you need to know are there

Lol the final bosses attacks were doing literally no damage because of the magic defense increase.

Are you supposed to get outside the map using the hook and boots?

My dumb ass keeps pressing the r button because I played too many modern shooters and I keep having to restart Great game though.

Lol You're defending Zoe Quinn? The game dev who made fake funding pages and indirectly murdered someone? You're right about people recognizing politics far more if they're left wing but defending Zoe Quinn just makes you look like a fucking idiot. Her allegations against her 'abuser'? Proven false. In fact she doxxed him. 'Harassment'? The so called chat board harassing her? Not real.  She a pathological liar just like some of the disgusting faces RePreSeNtInG women who play games and actually have problems with creeps. While Alec probably did abuse her to some extent she likely returned the favor, and  even though they agreed to bury the hatchet, she knew her twitter mob would swarm Alec and he would commit suicide from his mental issues so she talked about him.