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Hi i think u should add the logos for mac & pc so more people can play the game , cus it doesn't show 

The art is just 🔥🔥

I don't know if it's only me but the mac version doesn't open and it shows this 

This is actually really good and i liked how you incorporated the song in the story ❤️

Do we ever get to learn more about the shadow & who it is?

It's interesting so far and all the characters are amazing. 

And as always u did a great job !!!

Yes thank you i found the answer 👏

I need the answer to this riddle 😬

 " Look at your items 

see them from a name 

this is the reason 

this is your shame "

I got it thank u 🤍

where can we find the lock combination 🥺

Time travel yessss !!! I enjoyed the demo ❤️

can't wait for step 3 DLC & step 4 🥰💛

this is amazing , thank u for giving us this experience!! i can't wait for the rest 💛✨ 

wow, i didn't expect it to be this intense i like it. A lot i played through all the routes, Reed's route is my favorite !!