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Dude, I'm so sorry for what you were subjected to by your father, you should probably press charges against him and seek professional help...

I don't know, man, you tell me, you seem to be an expert at this topic.

Are you actually psychotic or just trolling?

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Thanks for replying! I will get straight to playing the game now... As to the reason why I asked at all... Well, you'll see:D

Hello! I know I've been asking this question a little bit too often lately, but could you tell me if you're sure that this game won't receive any major content updates (new levels, endings, characters, plot points etc) and is a finished installation?

Hello! Just recently realized that your Twitter account was missing. Did you remove it yourself or did you get suspended?

The thing is, I can't press "more info" and then "run anyway" because there's no such button on a message window, it's just a tiny window with a single "ok" button and nothing else. I've tried disabling every antivirus I had and the issue is still present. 

My windows defender is off, but the problem is still present. Could you please look into it and try to fix it?

Rename to what?

Greetings! It would be great if you could add an alternative way of paying for the game (via a credit card) or made it free for one day, since I'm unable to create the Paypal account at the moment...

Hello once again. When I try to run the installer, it says that the package is corrupted.

Hello there! Just wanted to know if the game is fully finished, content-wise, i. e. no more updates regarding the endings, characters, plot details, levels etc!

I don't like repeating myself too much in the comments, but once again, I would really appreciate if you made a game that follows the (SPOILER!)

kidnapping of the protagonist, like more information about the culprit, maybe some more context. Anyway, the experience was short and neat!

Greetings! Is the game fully finished and won't receive any content-related updates (new levels, endings, plot points etc)?

Thanks, I'll consider it!

Thank you for the quick reply!

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Greetings! Are you confident enough to confirm that the game is fully finished and won't receive any future content updates (new endings, levels, characters, plot points etc)?

Excuse me, but is the game fully finished, content-wise (no new levels, characters, endings, additions to the plot etc)?

An absolutely gorgeous experience, especially considering that it was made by a single guy in mere 2 weeks! 

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For a short free game made by one person in about 2 weeks, that was simply brilliant! The attention to detail was just astonishing, like the tires making a different sound when the car goes from the road onto the grass. The ragdoll physics and the shooting itself are convincing and satisfying, and the sound design is gorgeous. You should definitely expand on the premise and flesh-out the plot, like more information about the cult and the deer-like deity!

Really liked the premise and the sound design! Though, some things, like the hit detection and the fact that you cannot pick up the throwing knives without having the weapon equipped could have been improved. I hope you will expand on the concept of the game after the jam, add some backstory, more plot, new weapons, levels etc, it has a great potential!

Once again, as a token of appreciation for your amazing (but sadly forgotten) narrative experience, I've written this article!

Excuse me, is the game a finished product and won't receive any content updates (new characters, endings, levels etc)?

Is this the promised remake?

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The smartest reply I've ever seen, from the smartest person alive.

Stay brainwashed.

It's more of a clumsy, unoriginal propaganda, i. e. everyone who desagrees with me is dumb, gullible and beyond help. The final picture (and the one about the guns) shows that the creator was more preoccupied with trying to convince his players of how "this side's bad and the other one's always good" instead of making it more playable and creative. 

An outstanding little masterpiece. The sound, the music, the artwork... it's all simplistic, yet beautiful. The clunky controls don't feel like a nuisance, they're very much in sync with the game's retro aesthetic and are easy to adjust to. The gameplay was so primitive, but for some reason it never felt boring and repetitive, perhaps due to everything feeling intuitive and familiar in a weird way, like a very simple exploration formula with slight variations that kept going exactly as long as it was supposed to, I was never lost even when it seemed like I looped around the same passage twice, the mystery of what lies at the end definitely kept me hooked. Every action is accompanied by juicy, satisfying noises, without them the experience wouldn't be as immersive or polished. And the ending... For some reason, even though the text seems like it can be interpreted in thousands of ways and doesn't exactly answer any questions, it still felt like an achievement, as if you've resolved something, your labour payed off in the end. Honestly, I cannot fully express how nice and refreshing your game was, but I hope 5 stars encourage you to keep mastering your creed and, above all else, enjoying the process!

Holy shit, at first thought this game was about Portland:D The visuals are rather unique, also really liked the sound design.

Are you planning on expanding the game any time soon?

I REALLY liked your design choice with making these grotesque cartoonish sprites as characters instead of the regular 3D models and the voice acting in the beginning was surpisingly competent! You should definitely add more personality and traits to James (if that's even his real name) in the full game, he seems like a cool villain!

Didn't expect that much polish and spooks from a short demo, I'm definitely looking forward to the full game! Speaking of the full release, do you have an estimated date?

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Loved the Uncle Samsonite easter egg, you're truly a man of culture! Apart from that, the game definitely has some mad potential, although, just as always, I would advice to fix the grammar in some parts and use less premade assets, including noises (like the man's sobbing was one of the most common sound effects in generic unity horror games).

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Excuse me, but have you actually finished working on this game? I'm not talking about small fixes and adjustments, I mean new content updates (new levels, characters, endings, game modes etc). The same goes for your other game, Affliction Rescue.

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Excuse me, but if the game has already been fully finished, then where's the download link?

As excited as I am, I do feel like you shouldn't go easy on the "adult only content", just release a censored version for the sensitive ones. The grotesque violence and gore has added some level of memorability and made the game stand out among other retro survival horrors. Also, really liked the game's main villain, Baltimus Oswald, he was quite a character!

That was an unsettling little game, the art style had some unique details to it and has helped create some genuinely disturbing moments (like the one with a mental illness ad that looked like a figure), and the sound design was done well (the final "jumpscare" actually kind of got me). The only complaint I have is about the character's walking speed. It doesn't really help with creating more tension or atmosphere, in fact it's more annoying than anything, since there's a lot of places to explore and the game's pace wouldn't really be at risk if you had added the running option. Regarding the plot... Quite a few people have dissapeared without any explanation and someone (or something) has taken them away, but the note about a certain person who has been diagnosed with an incurable affliction confused me a little. Was certain Derek Smith behind all this? Just some paranormal creature known as the "visitor"? I must admit, in this case the ambiguity has contributed to the feeling of the overall uneasiness.


From what I understood, we are playing as Jesse's brother, but the narration is done from Jesse's perspective, who describes how his weird loner of a brother is obsessed with technology and computers and barely interacts with his family. He's been secretely building the basement area, including the factory that turns people into perfect, obedient machines, since the brother was always afraid of being abandoned by his loved ones and socially inept when it came to normal humans. All this time, the DSP that has been chasing us was our mechanized mother who tried to stop the brother from harming more people, and the MBs are sort of automized guards/helpers who keep the intruders away. The backstage was created as a way to comfortably communicate with his creations via the microphone, and the speaker that emits the melody is supposed to keep the converted humans docile. In the end, the mentally ill protagonist either hallucinated the giant arm of his father and died of a heart attack or the conversion has malfunctioned, leading to the music stopping and all the DSPs escaping. I also wonder what the abbreviations, such as DSP and MB mean...