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Hello! Just dropping by to let you know that I really liked the game and the antagonist, so I've created a page for him here Hope you'll like it!

It's alright, your reply is beyond satisfactory! I'm glad I was able to enjoy your cool and creepy game and to interpret it somewhat correctly.


Wait, I don't really get it. Did they use Nick's mind/soul to create the AI of the animatronics or only used his mind to "sync" all the other future animatronics to work properly in the future, which caused his soul to inhabit some of the (perhaps even every) animatronics? Does that "I'm in heaven" in the end mean that Nick's soul eventually accepted his place as an entertainer, bringing happiness to families all over the world, since this is what he secretly wanted all along? 

Any chance it ever gets a translation? It's just odd that the description is in English, but the game is in entirely in Spanish.

Alright, I feel like it's time for some proper feedback on the game. All in all, I enjoyed it quite a bit, but it could still benefit from a few AI and gameplay improvements, namely - giving the intruder the ability to discover you under the bed after you've called the police, because once it's done it all seems to boil down to just going straight for the bed and hiding without worrying about anything, since even if he breaks in and freezes in front of it, all you have to do is wait for the police to arrive, which removes some of the tension. Another glaring flaw I've noticed is that while the tutorial mentions not making any loud noises, it seems like the intruder doesn't react to the radio being turned on at all. Perhaps, you could make it so that whenever it's turned on, he will rush straight for it to switch it off? Lastly, I suggest adding a bit more variety and aggressiveness for the intruder's behavior, such as making him enter the "berserk" mode once you call the police, i. e. he's done playing around and will not knock before breaking the doors down and will drag you from under the bed immediately if he discovers you hiding under it like I already mentioned above. Regarding the radio, it would probably make things more interesting if he just smashed the radio at some point as a result of you using it too frequently so that you wouldn't be able to distract him anymore? 

Wait, did you update the game? If so, what kind of improvements did you make?

Is this supposed to be a prototype or a complete, self-sufficient game? 


Hello! I'm a little confused as to whether this game is a first part, while Dracula's Revenge is a sequel. If that's the case and this is indeed a full version, then why will it only be released on Steam in 2023, or has it not been finished yet? 

Well, I guess I'm about to test it out. 

Hmm, what's different about the new version this time? 

Thanks for the hints, I'll try it all out! 

I'm glad to know you're still working on improving the game. Perhaps, you could also release a guide on how to achieve certain endings with vague/straightforward clues? I'm stuck at three endings out of eight and I'm out of ideas on what to do next.

Oh, sorry to hear that. Though I'm glad you're reworking the game instead of abandoning it. I don't want to come off as rude or condescending, however I would like to advice you to pay attention to spelling, punctuation and grammar in general. It's often thought of as insignificant, but it can be a large immersion breaker for some people and avoiding it only makes the experience better. If you need any help regarding the game's text, please let me know!

What's changed in the version 1.0.1.? 

Hello. What happened to your other upcoming game, Night Maniac? 

After School, Filled with Freedom, Under the Woods... They're all connected and feature the same creature, right? 

Hello! I can't seem to finish level 18, as I'm not sure how I'm supposed to get through the corridor when there are no shadow spots throughout it and the barrier doesn't last long at all. 

Is there/will there be some kind of a prequel, is it a fangame of a specific movie/book/game, or is it just a independent horror game with little context, made as an homage to movies like Friday the 13th? 

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Despite a few plot holes, the story sounds pretty intriguing, including the explanation behind the farmer's powers and the forest's curse, I feel like the game will only become better with the added backstory to the headless guy and the forest. I would suggest delivering it by leaving the farmer's own diary entries, some government land-related documentation, newspaper articles on the whole situation and, perharps, his brother's diary (if you decide to incorporate him into the story). But these are just suggestions.

Você está planejando adicionar uma tradução em inglês?

Any progress on the full version?

Hello! Just finished the game and I'm wondering, is there more context/lore to the headless man in the game, on his past, how he lost his head, if he's connected to the forest's supernatural properties/caused them/was affected by them etc. Any hidden notes or newspapers that I've missed? 

Interesting! Thanks for the reply.

Greetings! Just wanted to ask if you had a larger and clearer version of the newspaper near the entrance, it's barely readable!

I'm a bit curious as to why the killer is called the first guy in the files? 

Thanks, exactly as I thought. The animation itself was called "violate" for a reason. I hope to see more dark, PS1-esque games from you in the future! 

Is there a way to actually beat the game, or is it just about collecting as many cards as possible before dying? 

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Thank YOU for making the game in the first place! I'm really glad I was able brighten up your day with my work. Researching the game and its intricacies was very interesting, not many indie games pique my interest quite like yours. I just felt like it deserved a more in-depth research in some form, because the symbolic part of the game (and the bad guy) is what makes it stand out and makes the overall experience more unsettling. I just have one question, but I won't mind if you don't wanna answer it - when the shooter is on top of the other student's body, is he just mutilating it with his knife or "violating" it in a much more disgusting way? 

Hello! Just wanted to thank you for making such a unique and memorable horror game and link you to the article that I wrote as a way to express my gratitude.

Is this still a demo version? 


So, let me get this straight: 

- The Snipper's first four murders happened some time ago and the police have already removed all the body parts from the scene, however, you can still find fresh limbs of multiple people scattered all over the place, which means that the cardboard cutouts are from his previous victims and weren't collected as evidence by the police, but the fresh limbs belonged to the recent ones, implying that he's killed at least 2-3 more people shortly before Adam and Kevin break in

- All the items you use throughout the game were left there by the Snipper in a specific order, with the express purpose of giving you a chance to escape

- He's a cannibal, as evidenced by the words "saddy meal" written near the kitchen that contains someone's viscera and limbs and a hacksaw

- He hangs Kevin's body in front of a shutter that the police approach as a way to taunt both the police and Adam, or to potentially frame Adam as the murderer...

To top it all off, his voice sounds demonic and distorted, as if he's not even human. It's just a speculation, considering it could've just been aesthetically motivated, i. e. to make him more intimidating and the overall experience more surreal. What does he say, anyway? I could only recognize bits and snippets, but from what I could distinguish, he mentions making Adam into a "friend" and something along the lines of "There's no place to hide!". 

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If it's not a secret, is the sentient (?) robot man Paul the janitor that the guy near the Redundancies office mentioned? Or at least used to be...

Was the home invader inspired by the Mandela Catalogue Intruder or is this the MC fan game set in the universe?

My other theory is that the creature is the God that the cultists from Virmachina have summoned, while Obsession is set in the same universe, but its events are unrelated to the Virmachina and Affection arc.


Amazing! This game ties everything together... I might be reaching, but do this game and Affection imply that the creature from Affection is the main heroine from Obsession after she... joined the hivemind? 

I have to say, for someone who's not a professional voice actor your performance was very well done! Although I would still advice you to add subtitles.

A very unique and memorable experience, though subtitles would be quite handy because the masked Man's speech is rather quiet. Did you voice act this?