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Part of this jam will require you to share video updates of your game with other jammers.. and I am allowing those younger than 18 to participate. Much as I would love to have you join the jam, I don't think I will be able to ensure that parents / other participants feel comfortable with such material. Sorry!

This game rules. I love the bouncing / physics aspect.

This rules

Evolution is truly an amazing thing.

Gorden Jormzy

Kingdom hearts 4: Re-Score Expeliarmous


Furever cat was terrifying.

Great job!

He JUMPED. WHAT. Not fair.


Thank you for letting me feel like Ness and getting to fight the evil Mani Mani statue again.

It ended and I'm happy or else I would have been playing longer.

First try best try.

Its tetris effect but with no end

Too intense 4 me

Mud was just the friends we made along the way.

I think I got into the zone at one point there. Very zen.

Just when you thought you'd escaped Nier Automata...

Oh lawdy he lasering!

Loved it, wanted more but I caused it to have an existential crises.

Skycroc is still my favorite.

Loved this game, even when it got.. squiggly.

Chill game, lots of fun. Great job!

This game reminded me why I'm not a pro gamer.

Great work Foces, I played this more than I meant to and never mastered it. 

Tree banana was the sneakiest banana 

This was a super enjoyable little adventure, great work!

A+, would kappa again. Even better with some tetris meditation music in the background.

I LOVE IT. You can hit multiple cars by dodging back and forth over it and its great and wonderful.

Every superhero needs an origin story.

My tiny hero Vames died so many times. I feel bad for him.