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A great game full of great jumpscares! Also really interesting concept by the way, don't think I've played a lot of horror games on trains before. I look forward to a full release ;)

I thought that the creepy pixelated aesthetic of this game was fantastic and really sets it apart from other scifi/space horror games. Plus the ambience and sudden industrial noises of an empty base were quite spooky not gonna lie.

Absolutely bizarre and horrifying. So happy the full game was released because I totally loved it.

This game is amazing... I genuinely believe that this will be the next horror game to get people talking and terrified! Also a massive thank you for making the Unreal Menu tutorials that helped me complete my own projects in time :D

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The only game in this video to genuinely scare me. Although I was slightly stuck at the beginning, the concept and design of this game was a perfect environment for a horror game. Very enjoyable. (5:05)

I love the concept of this game, I think the idea of 'descending' into unknown territory is something we find universally terrifying albeit exhilarating. Great little game. (0:00)


I always love a game with interesting mechanics and a premise that makes you think. Thank you for this neat little game. Keep it up. (14:05)

A good spooky and challenging game. Thank you for releasing the full game so soon!!

Thank you CrackedGhostGames for another great game! Got me on a lot of occasions XD. Really enjoyed.

A sweet and short horror game, I enjoyed it. I look forward to seeing what the full game could be like...

A strange but enjoyable game...

GOD this game was disturbing and I don't know why! Anyways, I loved and completed the game.