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This game is amazing... I genuinely believe that this will be the next horror game to get people talking and terrified! Also a massive thank you for making the Unreal Menu tutorials that helped me complete my own projects in time :D

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The only game in this video to genuinely scare me. Although I was slightly stuck at the beginning, the concept and design of this game was a perfect environment for a horror game. Very enjoyable. (5:05)

I love the concept of this game, I think the idea of 'descending' into unknown territory is something we find universally terrifying albeit exhilarating. Great little game. (0:00)


I always love a game with interesting mechanics and a premise that makes you think. Thank you for this neat little game. Keep it up. (14:05)

A good spooky and challenging game. Thank you for releasing the full game so soon!!

Thank you CrackedGhostGames for another great game! Got me on a lot of occasions XD. Really enjoyed.

A sweet and short horror game, I enjoyed it. I look forward to seeing what the full game could be like...

A strange but enjoyable game...

GOD this game was disturbing and I don't know why! Anyways, I loved and completed the game.