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The game install file doesnt show up for installation under the itch launcher, had to download from the page inside of chrome.

Other than that, it seems like a very awesome game!

Is the text supposed to run off the screen on the bottom during spoken dialogs? I don't see an option to set resolution if that is the issue.

when I try to install the game from the launcher, the only thing found is the poster file.

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Will the game ever accommodate modern wide-screen resolutions @ 16:9 ratio?

I don't like the screen fill option that stretches the screen, it makes things look weird.

I played the free version a month or 2 ago on the website, and that is my biggest gripe. It looks solid other than that.

alright, good to know. I will definitely check check out those saves then.

Is there any potential sample creature that can help you figure out if there is a way to make a creature react to cool and eat it based on "seeing" it in some way? Will the 2 samples you mentioned help me learn to do that?

I am new to the game. I did the tutorial to the point it tells me to press play and watch my creature move, but after that, i am not sure what to do next. is that the end of the tutorial or is there more to learn the systems of making sensory stuff work like eyes, whiskers, etc and to react to the environment?

I am enjoying the game immensely! it has a lot of parody and a lot of fun things to see and do so far! I am just starting the 3rd dungeon! :P
I hope you continue developing the game and adding more to it!

I think this is a very cool concept, I hope you develop this game further!