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ah okay, that makes sense! I was so confused and thought it was a glitch! Lol!

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basically anything you do to end up with marco after the frat party and have sex of some sort before bed, you will see his still first of connor and him facing each other on the right side of the screen after the "to be continued", but then  if you hit a button, it shows connor facing another guy depending on what you did earlier, with owen or riley, for instace. im not sure if it is supposed to show two guys if you chose a path that can potentially end that way on day two.

I noticed a weird cg still issue when you end up with marco at the end of the second day, the image of you and marco gets replaced with another guy all of a sudden so it is like 2 stills that are conflicting.

awesome! Did you set it up to work with the itch launcher as well?

I have a question, can you post the game on itch, instead of the google drive? it would make it easier to download.

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ah, interesting, that makes sense.

btw, I was actually looking at ren'py the other day to see if it was very easy to create a vn, I got pretty confused fast. Is it easier than it seems? im not sure if the tutorial vn covers enough info from the couple chapters I did of it.

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I assume you are using ren'py? I thought I heard there is an option to export into APK format for Android, as well as for PC for ren'py?

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I love the game so far, will you eventually be adding music and sound effects to it?

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Someone has been reading the Missing 411 books! :P

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This is one of the weirdest and coolest games I have seen in a long while! I hope you continue to develop it!

yea, I know, I just thought it was a great deal to get it for like $5-10 on the queer bundle from october with like 100+ other stuff..

I am seriously BUMMED! I had planned to get the bundle this was in october 2023, but by the time I had money to get the bundle, the bundle deal had ended! :(

I will have to see if it is offered in any upcoming bundles carefully!

This looks like a really cool game with the artwork, is this available in english?

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I checked and as far as I can tell, none of those are turned on, (mind you I am not familiar with the Nvidia and monitor settings, yet), but my other games I play find that resolution easily.

No idea why co-open does not.

The lowest resolution in the game is 320 x 200, the highest is 1280 x 1440, but there's back bars on the left and right with the highest selected, though it is the crispier looking display, compared to the ones lower.

I'm very confused, the game can't even find the 1920 x 1080 resolution.

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I need help with resolution settings, I recently upgraded my GPU in my pc to a nvidia 4070 and got a new MSI monitor, but the game doesn't show my preferred resolution (2560 x 1440) in the video settings, is there a settings file somewhere to set the resolution manually?

Is there any possible way you could release a playdate edition of this game?

I thought as much.

YAY! glad you have someone!

I checked out your game. It's pretty good, despite some typos here and there. Would you want someone to help with checking Grammer and spelling?

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I think the idea and premise of your game is super cool and fun, and would love to see at least an option thrown in to make all the statues male, instead of female, so you can see the kind of things that go on in gay sex. if you can't, I understand.

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any news as to when the 16:9 aspect ratio (without stretching) will be added to the game?

Did you guys ever add in the 16:9 widescreen ratio support for the game?

is the game still in development or did you abandon it? it seems pretty cool!

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It looks like it will be a fun game.

I'm not sure if it is intentional, but I do recommend fixing the text to be capitalized at the beginning of sentences, change the "u" to you and making sure punctuation is correct.

I used have a bad habit with shorthand, and it took a lot to break that habit, but it's worth it!

for me, the game is broken.

the mouse isn't sensitive enough, and there are times when you cannot move the camera as you wish, and moving the mouse around to move the view you can see the mouse at the edge of the screen flashing.

the game glitched out and when I got to the first place to visit the view got wonky with a mirror image left and right and my character in the middle started getting pulled in both directions.

going into the escape menu means that going back into the game after, the mouse cursor doesnt go away until you click the screen and it screws up the camera controls.

I am unable to put items down after I pick them up, and picking them up causes problems again.

I really like the concept of the game, though.

I think that if you have to quit the game, you should have have an automatic save to let you explore that location as long as the day is active and once you take the bus, whether it be the next day or several days later, you can remain in the location, instead of reaching the title menu and being told you have to wait til the next day to do something.

Cool, that is what I figured was going on, but wasn't totally sure.

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I have a question about the Worm Habitat gift.

I saw it listed as "wormb" in a few places, but listed as "worm" in another place, once at the gift giving sequence when I gave the gift to my partner, before it got listed as being wormb again.

is the B at the end supposed to be there to differentiate it from being a worm that is special, not a normal creature like an earthworm? or was it supposed to be spelled as worm, without the B at the end?

is there gonna be more to the story eventually?

that was a very strange anomaly! lol!

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I just checked the game out. I liked the mall exploration aspect a lot.

For the tutorial in the beginning when you are showing the keys that need to be used, you show an up arrow on the keyboard button. That isn't very accurate, as for my keyboard, the up arrow is on the d-pad. the Shift key has no arrow on it, and only says Shift. so maybe fix that so it says hold "shift" to run, instead of just the arrow for shift?

I also noticed some screen tearing when I was playing, will you add v-sync to the game later on to help that?

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I'm excited to play this when my playdate i preordered arrives! Will definitely comment again, once I get to play it!

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This sounds pretty cool! I have pre-ordered a playdate, still waiting for it to arrive, and this sounds like a neat game to play on it. I'd like to see become a full game at some point.

what is going on with the game? is it still happening? I haven't seen anything about it and it sounds fun.

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I wondered, as the game hasn't had any news for a couple years now and still listed in early alpha.

This game looks fun, will have to wait til I get get some funds to try it out.

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The game trailer reminded me of the earlier versions of no man's sky, which I loved.