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Hey, it keeps freezing on me during my second day at random points after I click on the ticket taker, am I doing something weird?

Oh dear... R.I.P Jcat you were so loved and will be dearly missed. <3 

I vaguely remember you to ngl

why hello there

My nickname or something i dont really kno

Damn I haven't been here for monthsss

Okay, this was so cute beautiful and I was really feeling down today and this made me so happy just thank you for this experience I- 

This game made me laugh and made me love Pastille even more. Thank you, this game is so good. AND THE SOUNDTRACK IS JUST FABULOUS. And, I now love Periwinkle this game made me so happy thank you. 

I wasn't expecting this but I am pleasantly surprised, will reply to this comment when I finish the game. 

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I just finished playing the game and if i'm being honest, it had me in tears by the end not gonna lie. This game was beautiful and so sweet and honestly one of my favorite games I have ever played. I need to buy the soundtrack, the credits song was so beautiful and so was all the music for the game. Cove is such a sweetheart and I can't wait for the epilogue (though I guess i'm gonna have to hehe). I just want to thank everyone who helped make this game because it really moved me and is probably going to be one of those games that sticks with me forever. Welp, those were my thoughts on the game. Keep up the good work! (I just realized how much of a jumbled mess that was hehe)  P.S. Also, I just remembered that Cove is a PanDemic like me! That made me so happy ngl. 

That's good to hear! That man deserved everything that got yelled at him.

Oh no im so sry boo! Are you feeling better? I really hope you are. Remember, your friendly pansexual is always here for you!

BeNdY wAs A LiTtLe DeViL tHiNg!

I made a Pan monster girl for Pride Month and my fellow Pans!

Any time! =D

Bendy and the Dark Revival isn't out yet. Joey Drew Studios actually posted a video saying why it's taking so long. 

Ayyyy fellow Pan! Love the "monsters" by the way

Awwwww so cute! I made a pansexual one cause, suprise suprise, I'm pansexual!

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I was on the stream


Ayyyyy, fellow errorink shipper! I think a lot of people ship errorink so I dont think its bad. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyone know who this is?  (Where are all mha/bnha fans at!)

Noice! I can't wait for chapter 4

That's so cool!! =D

Thank you! She's my fav out of all the ones I made, so I'm really happy that someone else likes her!

I just learned how to post things, you mind telling how she looks?

Okay, thank you for clarifying!

I needed to ask this because I can't get patreon, is the beta ever going to be on

Holy crap. This game really surprised at how fabulous it was. I have a feeling this game will stick with me forever. It was just beautiful. I love how different the endings were and each ending came as a surprise to me. All in all, I. LOVE. THIS.

I just played butterfly soup, and imdeiatly got the reference to this game! 

This is no lie one of the best things ever!