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this game was super cute! the art was very nice and the voice acting was also very good! hopefully more will be added someday cause i really enjoyed it and would love to see where the story goes!

super cute graphics and super fun to play with an online friend! took me a little bit to figure out how the game works but once i understood it, the game was lots of fun! super easy connecting online and had no troubles!

Very cute and simple game. I liked collecting the little emojis and the dogs are SUPER adorable! Literally the best part of the game is the dog, hands down. If you're looking for a fun, little relaxing game I definitely say try this one out!

Played this with a friend and it was fun! If you're looking for an easy online game to play with friends this is a good one! Plus who doesn't like a killer santa

this was so much fun!! the math video made me want to cry tho </3

i can't get over how cute this was!! it was a simple game to play but was absolutely adorable!!

this was a cute game! i really appreciate short games and this one was great! i was able to get all three endings pretty easily and really enjoyed them!

this game is so clever! im not the smartest but i found it super fun! i didnt make it too far into the game but really enjoyed it :)

okay this game is so much fun but im really bad at it! i played this on my laptop so no complaints here, overall a super simple but fun game :) 

this game was so cute! i played this on a stream and was so happy with it! it has such cute graphics and the story line is so cool! i loved interacting with all the characters and learning little facts about them! also the ending was so cute!!!!! everything about this was just so good! 

i played this while streaming and was on edge the whole time... it was a really interesting game and i was expecting something bad to happen the whole time! making a cup of tea has never been so nerve wracking

i played this while streaming and have to be completely honest, i sucked at it, like really really bad. overall it was a really cool game, but i was so bad at it that i ended up not being able to appreciate the horror aspects of the game! still such a cool concept and i really enjoyed it

this game honestly made me super sad at points! i played and got all the ending and the secret ending killed me! i got the happy ending while streaming and was happy that was the one i ended up getting! this is such a good game, super well made and i love the graphics! peanut is so freaking cute i cant... i would've cried if anything happened to peanut

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this game was perfect! i got my dad jokes like promised and honestly thats all i could ask for! also be warned for a jump scare when credits start, i jumped so hard but it just made it even funnier

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i saw someone say they had issues with this game but it ran smoothly for me! i played it while streaming and was very happy with while it ran! it has a cute ending and i really liked the art! i did end up getting lost after giving the man the flower but just checked what others had said and easily figured out what to do! overall i really liked this game!

this freaked me out!! i was on call with a friend and made him watch it with me just so i wasn't alone.... i also forced my cat to cuddle me. it was a creepy set up and im not good with horror games! good game over all though!!

this scared the shit out of me! i literally closed my laptop!! this is a fear of mine and it just felt so real

this was so cute! i loved learning about the characters and their designs are adorable! it was so much fun to try and figure out everything! loved this game so much!!

this game is so soothing to play!! the character is so cute?? and i loved the background music! this game is absolutely adorable and i think i could play for hours on end

hey ik you said youre not asking for help so ignore this if you want buut maybe check out the vending machine thats along the streets :D

wow... this game was so pretty. this hit me kinda hard cause i've been crushing on a girl for years who'll never return my feelings. this game really had such a gorgeous concept and i loved every second of it! the universe might've been my favorite part, it was nice how she ended the nigh with "i love you"

this was so much fun! the wolf design is so cool!! the sound track also was really good! the twist was really interesting and i might've gasped when the cat explained why! truly a fun game with really pretty art!!

this game was so cute! the concern the grandma shows is something truly special. i spent most of the game wishing for someone like her! the art was so pretty and i loved the music! i liked the little scene changes and found it to all around be super cute! this game was just so touching, im so glad i downloaded it.

this game was so good??? like omg it was so well put together and so interesting!! the characters were so cool and i fully enjoyed the game! its also my type of horror where its suspenseful and has jump scares without being over the top scary!!the art style was also incredible!! also the sound track was amazing too omg

omg this game was so cute!! not only was the art style absolutely adorable but the old womans dedication to her cats was so cute! i liked how she told us about each of the cats and explained what they were like! even tho she died in this, least we know she left in peace knowing her babies made it out safely

omg this was so cute!!! all the character designs were absolutely adorable and i loved this little story! the soundtrack was very soft and peaceful and really fit with the story! i definitely will be rereading this!!

I'm not the cleverest person so I found this game to be difficult but once I got a understanding for it man was it interesting!! The story is much more detailed then I imagined and I am truly impressed! The artwork is so flowy and dreamlike and honestly it was amazing! Not that I'd expect less from this creator! Great game with a very interesting plot!

This game was a lot of fun! The art work had me stunned with how pretty it was and how smoothly it moved! The music playing in the background was really nice and I found this to just be such a great experience! This was a bit longer then I normally play but oh my gosh I loved it so much! Alec stole my heart and even though he is simply just a character in a game I hope he lives a long happy life :(

This game was really cute! Absolutely loved the supportive friends! This game hit kinda deep I won't lie but it was super fun to play. The art is really pretty and I really enjoyed it! I feel like I have friends like Skipper and Dahlia, so it was really cool to be able to play this and know I also have support in my life like these two!

OKay okay this game was so pretty and well made but made me so sad!! The fact that there is only one "good" ending really hit me hard! The dad jokes were a really nice addition! Also one eyed kitty??? Yes please!! This was beautifully done and totally worth how sad it made me feel lol

This game is so cute?? It was such a quick but adorable game!! I loved the whole puzzle style and found Zoe to be so cute! I really enjoyed the simple style it had! Also its so crazy that this was made in 72 hours!!! The amount of talent used to create this!!

This game is so cute! All the characters are really adorable and have such sweet personalities! It's a super relaxing and simple game style and also has a nice tune playing in the background! I really enjoyed that the drink making process was simple and I could just simply interact with all the characters and have a relaxing time. Honestly surprised this game isn't more popular!

This was literally one of the cutest games I've played! It was so simple but adorable!! The art is absolutely gorgeous and the characters are so cute!

This made me sooo sad and mad!! The story is amazing and honestly felt so real! I already love Toby with my whole heart and I also love his supportive friend! Thank you creators for giving people like me a glimpse into one of the many struggles trans people have to face to be themselves.

I cannot express how much I loved this game! Even though it was short I was so happy with everything about it! It has such pretty visuals and the art is just gorgeous! Would love to maybe see more for this bit as it is right now is amazing! Also love me some wlw content that's flirty and just downright adorable!

I can't get over how cute this was!!! I was in love with both of the main characters and love the fact that I get to see them work through friendship! Also loved the little detail at the very end that showed what happened to them after the story was done!

Super cute and simple! This is a great game to just casually do and I really enjoyed the plot! Both characters are absolutely adorable and I really related to to the main character. Thank you creator for making such a simple but perfect game <3

The art is absolutely gorgeous and the story kills me. I wasn't really aware what was happening the first time I played and it killed me! I played this late in the night and had me crying. Absolutely gorgeous and tells such an important story and I am obsessed with it

This game was literally so cute! The art was absolutely gorgeous and I was just in love with all the characters! I finished it way too quickly and already want to go through it again! The creators of this visual novel did such a great job on this! Also, as a bi person I was over the moon on having an bi character!!

This was a really sweet and simple visual novel! As a closeted bi I've dealt with wondering how my parents will react and seeing games like this that give happy endings really help! Although it was kinda short it was beautifully done! I love that Juliet realizes in both routes that no matter what, she is allowed to live and exist! Thank you creator for making such a beautiful visual novel