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i really enjoyed the maze-like and puzzle style of this game! i also liked how each term was explained! the ending was really neat and i loved the pronoun doors!! this game was on the shorter side but amazing

i love everything about this game! i know it'll be changed later on but the story and characters are so interesting! i am obsessed with A's style she is just so pretty!! the artwork for this game is amazing! my favorite scene was the forest everything was just so gorgeous! the amount of detail in this game is insane and i cannot wait for the full release!!

this game is such a great reminder to appreciate everything in life even the small things. mel is extremely relatable and i've felt exactly as she does many times. this game just shows that sometimes it's okay to be maybe a little sad and just to reach out to those you love and take time to care for yourself. the artwork is absolutely beautiful and i loved every second of this game. also i love bao <3

big fan of this game! it has just the right amount of eerie mixed with such amazing details! the doctors design was my absolute favorite and i feel bad for him. overall really fun storyline and i really enjoyed the ending cause even though it doesn't answer everything i think it was still a very solid and satisfying ending

i truly did not know what this was going to be about but this is amazing. i love the mechanics and it is so well done! i have always been the one to take care of my friends when they drink too much so i really understand where the narrator comes from. overall super unique and well done

i am a horrible speller so i did not do so great in this game but still super fun and i absolutely love the graphics. i am a sucker for anything cat themed and the design of the cats in this game are absolutely adorable. i def recommend this game to anyone who wants to practice getting better and faster at typing!

this was fun! ending 3 was kinda sad but also my most favorite ending! the details in this game is mind blowing, absolutely amazing! I love the art style. grandma gives me the heebie jeebies and i do not regret my actions in the 2nd ending

wasn't sure what to expect but honestly super short and fun. scorpions give me the creeps so when it popped out i jumped. but overall easy but entertaining

really enjoyed the graphics for this game! it was short and simple but still great!

dang. this hit so hard. beautifully done had me absolutely sobbing. like sitting on my bathroom floor sobbing. i loved the use of visual for the monster and this game was truly just amazing. (still sobbing TwT)

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this was such a cute game! the characters were amazing and i loved the story line. the amount of cheesy puns in this game was almost too much but i am such a sucker for them. i loved how the players character seemed to grow and discover themself throughout their time in purrgatory and loved how it all came together in the end. seans' song was honestly so cute but heartbreaking and i adored all the added details like the elevator and snow globes. this was an overall amazing game and i wish i could experience it for the first time over and over again

i loved this game sm! honestly i will be coming back and playing this a few times when i need a bit of encouragement. i feel like froggy sometimes and seeing it expressed exactly how i feel but also having to talk through it is such a needed thing for me. the graphics were sooo cute! also i loved the sound track! overall a very cute game and i def shed a tear

i found this game to be honestly really interesting! the fact that each new try the spider has become a little different and has adapted just a bit better! i hated each time the little spider got squashed though :( i felt bad that i couldn't stop it from happening lol overall amazing 2D graphics and cute little story line!

this was so cute. like wow. i absolutely loved this game! the endings were fun to achieve and i really liked the endings! the music complimented it so well and the graphics were so cute! i enjoyed the fact that even though this was on the shorter side there was still such a great story line!

thank you for linking it

this visual novel was adorable! the story line was super cute and i really enjoyed the characters! the art is absolutely gorgeous and so well done! i also really enjoyed the small interactions with tristens mom, it was just such a sweet little add on!

wow this was so cute! i really enjoyed placing everything into the correct spot and the small interruptions of the cat was adorable. it really adds such a level of fun trying to work against a cat!

i really enjoyed this! def will be on the watch for more!! the stalker seems to have created a very detailed ruse and i'm very interested to see where it goes from there! i also wouldn't mind finding out what the color of the hearts mean

wow. i actually wasn't ready for this level of sadness but wow. such a great game i loved how easy it was to navigate and find the items! the graphics are so cute and i enjoyed the story to this!!

i really enjoyed this game! just the perfect level of difficulty that i wasn't too frustrated every time i died (which was a lot of times) although i was just about ready to quit on level 17! super cute graphics and i enjoyed the music as well!

first off the character designs were so cute! i loved the story line to this visual novel and it was just overall super fun. the addition of the group chat added some much and honestly reminded me of my own groupdchat! also kierra has my heart 100%

this cat is one good baker. i loved the graphics of this game and really enjoyed being a little chef cat! the fact that you're able to take this game at your own pace is something i really appreciate! being able to go at whatever speed i wish really allows me to enjoy the game! 10/10 a perfect little game

this game was so cute!! something about playing in the prospective of a sweet dog is good for the heart! overall super cool story line and i really enjoyed playing this!

everything about this was perfect. the graphics, music, story line, everything. i absolutely loved it and wish i could play it for the first time all over again! i loved the interactions in this and i feel like it really is something everyone should get a chance to play

i loved this game so much! literally the story line is so in-depth and honestly made me sad at times... super cute graphics, honestly don't think there's anything i couldn't like about this game

i absolutely loved the story to this! even though i would've loved a longer version the way this gives just the right about of story really makes it special! i'm a huge sucker for for an unchangeable plot and this was no exception! 100% loved this

something about this games was so creepy to me. i loved the graphics and it was super cool game but it gave me goosebumps! if only i could experience it for the first time all over again! i managed to get both endings and overall it was a fantastic game

this was a cool RPG! i'm always a fan of games that aren't super long but still have an interesting plot! i really enjoyed the story line, i wasn't expecting just how in-depth it would go! i liked the little side convos with the ghosts and i also loved the art! overall it was just a really fun game 

i'm horrible at horror games cause they easy freak me out and this was no exception! super fun even if i was terrified. this games gives the player such an unsettling feeling and it really just makes that much better! def recommend playing w/o spoilers!!

This game was so much fun! I absolutely loved the graphics and the story line was so cool. The little hints for achieving the endings were super helpful and I was able to get every ending! I am a sucker for these types of games and overall loved it! 

this game was super cute! the art was very nice and the voice acting was also very good! hopefully more will be added someday cause i really enjoyed it and would love to see where the story goes!

super cute graphics and super fun to play with an online friend! took me a little bit to figure out how the game works but once i understood it, the game was lots of fun! super easy connecting online and had no troubles!

Very cute and simple game. I liked collecting the little emojis and the dogs are SUPER adorable! Literally the best part of the game is the dog, hands down. If you're looking for a fun, little relaxing game I definitely say try this one out!

Played this with a friend and it was fun! If you're looking for an easy online game to play with friends this is a good one! Plus who doesn't like a killer santa

this was so much fun!! the math video made me want to cry tho </3

i can't get over how cute this was!! it was a simple game to play but was absolutely adorable!!

this was a cute game! i really appreciate short games and this one was great! i was able to get all three endings pretty easily and really enjoyed them!

this game is so clever! im not the smartest but i found it super fun! i didnt make it too far into the game but really enjoyed it :)

okay this game is so much fun but im really bad at it! i played this on my laptop so no complaints here, overall a super simple but fun game :) 

this game was so cute! i played this on a stream and was so happy with it! it has such cute graphics and the story line is so cool! i loved interacting with all the characters and learning little facts about them! also the ending was so cute!!!!! everything about this was just so good!