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So Playful

A member registered Dec 28, 2021

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It would have been better if there was a map. I have no patience so I quit before finishing the game. I love the story and the fact there are more than 1 creature. But most of the time I wa just wandering in the forest trying to find my path...

Just perfect ! 

Kinda weird, kinda sad but I did like the vibes in the house. 

One of the best short independent horror game I ever played !

I loved it !!! But I would have never imagined to clean up in a horror game lol

I love the vibes of this game.  :)

It is a really nice experience for arachnophobes :) 

First time to play this type of horror game. I wished there were more story background and more jumpscares.

Very interesting ! I like to be chased :D

Max Horror when will you do a full and long horror game ? You have talent 😊

I like the story behind it. I wished there were jumpscares.

Hummm I am not really sure what to think...

I think I am just too stupid for psychological games xD

This is exactly the type of games I like. Realistic graphics, dark with some possession/ghost vibes, creepy noises, abandoned house. I am eager to play the full game !

I love it is different from the other Slendermen.

It was too dark, it was a pain in the ass to find my way, I just gave up trying to find the doors and corridors. :(

Great creepy noises, it did set a mood. It is also funny the developers incorporated a realistic ending. 

I loved they incorporated a ouija board. I wish more games to incorporate it.

Nice jumpscares. I wished the doctor would be scarier and could open the closets. I am happy the location of items  are not random because I am really bad at searching and have 0 patience. 

I loved the first jumpscare ! Nice atmosphere. Can't wait for the full game <3